I hate Mines of Moria (IntPiPoMo 1)

lotro Falling goat in Moria

…With a passion! I am not a big fan of vertical maps in MMOs to begin with, but if in addition to the design, the map itself is also rather useless, my frustration is doubled. But that’s not enough for most of the regions of Mines of Moria. Additionally, you can’t exactly see if there are stairs or a gap of doom in front of you until you’re already at the edge.

I’ve never gotten lost as much as I do in Mines of Moria. And I also never thought I’d be ranting about this expansion again after leaving LotRO a few years ago. But now that I’m back – well, this frustration is back as well. Thankfully, it seems that they sped up the levelling curve and it’s going a lot faster than I remember. My guardian is halfway through the bad regions. I remember that the last one or two parts are easier to navigate through, so I’m very much looking forward to that!

lotro Falling goat in Moria

I am not sure how easy – or not – this can be seen on the screenshot. The front feet of the goat are not touching the ground anymore. One inch further would have been our certain death.

Also, even though I hated the vertical maps in Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns expansion, at least the maps are a lot more helpful and thanks to gliding, you don’t fall into your death quite as fast.

(IntPiPoMo count: 1)


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