Finally level 50 again

Rift_Meffanda rogue level 50

I’ve finally made it to level 50 on Rift Prime. That is after the expansion launched which raises the maximum level to 60. And it was mostly because I made the last two levels by doing quests in the two new starter regions of the expansions.

I would say that it took me so long to reach level 50 because of my hand issues and that I can only play when my hand is feeling okay. And that’s certainly true. On the other hand, there were countless evenings where my hand was okay and I still didn’t play on Rift Prime. I guess I just don’t see the fun anymore in doing a quest for 1 to 2 % in the given level. I felt levelling took forever. At the same time, I chose rogue as my profession as I don’t have that one on a high level on my main server yet. Unfortunately, I also think this profession is rather dull to play. I guess I would have been happier with any of the three other professions available and I probably should have known there is a good reason for not having a high-level rogue on my main server so far. ;)

Rift_Ding 50 screen with rogue

But it’s the rogue I’m stuck with now, because I definitely won’t level another character on there. I even kind of miss the instant adventures that we have on the regular servers. It’s basically “join a random group and do quest after quest that’s given to you” which ends up in just mindless grinding mobs with others who also want to level fast.

Maybe… just maybe… I’m not a fan of such an MMO gameplay anymore. Heading out, accepting quests from quest givers, killing mobs for reasons X, Y or Z (seriously, who reads all of the quest text nowadays?), handing in the quest and waiting for the “ding” to happen. When it comes to that, I definitely prefer the way Guild Wars 2 does it with events in the open world and most of all, a constant levelling “curve” where getting the last level doesn’t need 100 x the amount of experience than the previous level did.

Rift_Meffanda rogue level 50

Let’s see how long it takes me to get her to level 60…