Goodbye, Wildstar

It did not come as a surprise when I saw that Wildstar is shutting down – and the developer studio, Carbine, as well. Even though at the beginning of the year, the statement had been that Wildstar would be supported for the foreseeable future. It seemed as if the game has been at least in maintenance mode for quite a while already which is never good for an MMO as that means that no new players are coming into the game. It’s just not appealing when there are lots of other MMOs that still do give the players new content.

I played Wildstar during the beta, before it was officially released, but decided not to buy the game as it had a sub back then and I didn’t have enough free gaming time to justify that expense. But I did fall in love with the world and what they had created back then!

Once they announced that it would go free to play, I jumped into the game and I continued playing it after the switch. We had also been invited to a Wildstar community meet-up at Gamescom which had turned out to be a very nice and fun evening.

Wildstar First character hitting maximum level

It is quite ironic that the reason I decided to stop playing Wildstar was that lingering feeling that the game would not do well enough and be shut down in the near-ish future. I would definitely say that Wildstar is among my favourite MMOs. Back in 2016, it made the list of my top 9 games that year and even then I wrote that I was worried the game would shut down soon! Well, it lasted two more years, at least.

Wildstar Shardspire Canyon and Hoverboard (Blue Steel)

So why didn’t I play it more then and why didn’t I support it with more of my money? Well, for one, it’s because I also play Rift and Guild Wars 2. I can’t really focus on three MMOs, even if I play them as casually as I do. So I decided to invest my time – and money – to the games where I believed I saw a better and more stable future. Wildstar seemed to have a much smaller player base and there was always the fear among the community that the game would shut down soon. For the record, I don’t blame NCsoft for doing so now. If the game loses money, then why keep it up? If it does – but we don’t know the details here.

Either way, I would have loved to continue playing the game and I know that several others had the same feelings. So this really is ironic, isn’t it? Having players not play the game because it may shut down which meant that fewer players played the game and thus, the game would have to shut down.

WildStar Protostar SuperMall screenshot from the Wildstar MMO

What impressed me most was their Christmas in-game event. Ferengi couldn’t have been prouder! That Halloween event was quite fun as well. I don’t remember it that well, but it had me go through a map when it was really dark.

My hope at this point is that this doesn’t mean the death of the Wildstar IP! I would love to revisit the world in whatever way they can make it work. Maybe an action RPG? It seems like a great fit and I would definitely want to buy that game!

And since we don’t have a date yet for when the game shuts down, but the community manager said that players would get information about refunds in the coming weeks, I guess we still have a couple of weeks left to get back into the game and say a proper goodbye?

Before closing this post, I’m leaving you with a screenshot gallery featuring the best screenshots I could find. Of course, as you have come to expect here in this blog, I had a hard time choosing just a handful of screenshots, so the gallery is kind of… large with 76 images. But I figured that for a goodbye post, it’s okay! So, happy viewing!