The Return of Torchlight! (Blaugust Post 7)

When I read that Runic Games, the developing company of the Torchlight series didn’t exist anymore back in November 2017, I was rather sad. This meant, after all, that there would be no more Torchlight games. Their last game was Hob. An adventure game with a new IP and more of the puzzle kind. It’s still on my wishlist, but I haven’t bought it yet.


So imagine my joy when I heard about the announcement of Torchlight Frontiers! I literally squealed and I may have even thrown my hands in the air. :p The game is in development by Echtra Games which employs some of the people who made Torchlight I and II (and was founded by Max Schaefer one of the founders of Runic Games and Blizzard North).

Thanks to Gamescom, we now have a bit more information on what’s coming. We do know that it’s an action RPG just like its predecessors. It will be online, though, and from the sound of it, it will work like Path of Exile with areas or hubs where you can see and meet other players, while the maps are going to be instanced and only for you and your party (if you want to play with others). interviewed the developers and they have a very nice article with more details about the game. I especially like the Forts feature that they mentioned which sounds like some kind of housing – no further details yet, so we will have to wait and see if it’s housing or something like Guild Wars 2’s home instances where things you found or achieved are added automatically.

MassivelyOP linked to a video from Gamescom where somebody filmed the demo that was available to be played there. You can even see the first boss fight in the game.

And then I also found an interview done by RocketBeansTV, a German gaming TV channel. Don’t worry, though, the interview is completely in English even though the description of the video is in German.

Altogether, I am very excited and can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

One thing that does concern me, however, is that they don’t know yet how the monetization will work. If you ask me, this is something they need to decide soon and fast! And hopefully not in the way that Trion did with Atlas Reactor. It was so very confusing… if I could choose, I would go for “buy to play”. It’s how Torchlight has done it in the past, it’s how Diablo does it. It’s what we know and are used to. Of course, there is also Path of Exile which is a successful free to play game with a very moderate cash shop.


  1. I also hope that they will pick Buy to Play. I’ve heard good things so far, but I don’t want to jump too high yet. I’ve signed up for the beta and I hope that we’ll get more information soon :)

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    1. Yeah, I’m trying not to overhype myself here. But if they can make a solid “Torchlight III-but online” game, then I’m happy. I guess it’ll really depend on the payment model and if they choose one that’s not too annoying. ;)

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