“I’m sick”-games: ARPGs (Blaugust Post 5)

Grim Dawn Ritualist

Yesterday, we went to our dance school and took two classes. I felt fine and even after the 2.5 hours of dancing, I could have still continued! So it came as a bit of a shock when I woke up during the night with an aching throat and this morning, my whole body was aching. Probably just a mean nasty common cold. But where did that one come from so fast?

Grim Dawn Ritualist

Anyway, whenever I’m getting ill like this (not enough to go to bed, but not feeling well enough to dance either :p), I have some games that I like playing. There is always turn-based strategy games like Civilization VI – but most often, I get the urge to play action RPGs. Don’t ask me why! I guess part of it is that it’s kind of easy to play (not playing on hardcore mode, obviously) and there’s no big decisions to make or story to follow, so my brain can go on standby. Right now, I’m playing Grim Dawn. I didn’t get too far when I took a break from the game (level 25 only), so it’s nice to explore more of the game world now.

I’m currently playing a Ritualist (a dual-class using Shaman and Necromancer together). It’s a tiny bit boring since I rely on fighting with lots of pets. On the other hand, it’s also nice to be lazy and basically just run through the map and letting the pets do all the work. :p

Grim Dawn Ritualist

Another reason why I’m currently in the mood for an action RPG may also be that we’ve gotten more news about Torchlight Frontiers thanks to Gamescom. There was also a nice interview with one of the developers. I wouldn’t even need the whole “MMO”-part of the game. I’ll just be happy to receive another Torchlight! Especially since I thought this franchise was dead when they announced that the company was no more. So there was lots of rejoicing here when I learned that there will be another game. :D They are also sticking with the pet system. I already saw the llama in the gameplay trailer! So let’s hope that they are keeping all the good things about Torchlight and add online and MMO features that we like (so, not lootboxes and stuff like that). Too bad it’s not out yet – but I did briefly consider returning to Torchlight II instead of Grim Dawn. I just decided to explore something new, in the end.


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