Ooh! Dinosaurs! (Blaugust Post 3)

Parkasaurus Press Kit image 1

Some time ago, I caught a stream about Jurassic World Evolution. I hadn’t even known this game existed until that point!

I still remember the first Jurassic Park film and that I had just been old enough to watch it when it came out here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually see it in the cinema – I think my friend had gotten ill and I had nobody else who wanted to go see it with me. Then I bought my very own first video recorder (yes, I’m old) with my very own money and my parents kept nudging me to turn it on and try if it works – only to have Jurassic Park play as they had sneakily bought the film on video and inserted it already. :p Also, unfortunately, the video recorder was broken and turned the video to black/white at every dark scene of which there were plenty in this film. And as this wasn’t enough already, it also ate my video cassette and refused to eject it. We brought it back to the store and I got a different one as well as a new video cassette. It was nice to finally see what’s actually happening throughout 70 % of the movie. :p

So as you can see, I’ve got a very special relationship with this franchise. And how genius is it to make a simulation-city-building game with dinosaurs? Why didn’t anybody else think about this yet (that I know of)? However, that price tag scares me. It’s currently 55 €. Looking at my hours played for games like this, I am sure I would get my money’s worth, but I am still not comfortable handing over that much money for a game. And if I do pay that much, I want to be absolutely certain that I am going to play it a lot!

But back to the: Why didn’t anybody else think about it? – Somebody did! And maybe even before both these games, but my research was short and stopped with Parkasaurus. A game that is not even in early access yet, has no price tag (but the developers said it will be less than Jurassic World Evolution :p) and definitely has a graphic style that you need to like if you want to even consider getting the game. But it generally does look like it’s right up my alley.

It also looks a bit silly – dinosaurs with sunglasses. So… I guess it can’t really be compared with the Jurassic Park game. They both let you build a dino park, but one looks very serious and the other – well, sunglasses! But I love Tropico and am very much looking forward to Two Point Hospital, so I definitely won’t complain about silliness in my building games. It does look like it’s going to have enough depth to keep me entertained for a long time and the dinosaurs look kind of cute. They’ve got a privacy system, for example. Dinosaurs want some privacy and time away from visitors, but also need to be visible often enough to attract paying visitors. This needs to be balanced for each exhibit. I’m following the developers (there are two) closely and really hope that they are going to deliver a great little game. But with early access games (the game will be released into early access on Steam soonish), you can never know, right?

This means that I’m currently waiting for Two Point Hospital, Tropico 6 and Parkasaurus. This’ll be a very great gaming autumn/winter season 2018/19 – or so I hope. With three building games, I have to love one of them, at least! And maybe Jurassic World Evolution will go on sale at some point…