Real Life happening (Blaugust Post 2)


I can’t really make a post about gaming when I haven’t played many games, right? We’ve had our first anniversary last weekend and since we also moved to Hamburg earlier this year, we decided to take this chance and spend a long 4-day-weekend “exploring” this city. I’m using paraphrases here because bookahnerk lived here with his family before and we’ve been visiting them for the past 14 years, so the city isn’t new to us at all.

So instead of writing about games I didn’t play, I decided to give you a few pictures of this beautiful city instead. Hamburg is amazing and if you ever do get the chance to pay it a visit, please do so!

The picture with the building was taken during a boat trip. Since the sun was very hot, we were inside, so the picture shows the reflections of the window, unfortunately. But I really didn’t want to get a sunburn. They were setting up the city center for Hamburg Pride that evening. You could see rainbow flags everywhere – even on the boats! The last picture is from Planten un Blomen, a really nice park in the city.

After the boat trip, we went to an open-air museum with old Northern German buildings. We did have a bit of a deja-vu when we, once again, found games in unexpected places, like we did back in Koblenz in 2015. When you’ve been looking at life back in 1800 in Germany, the least you expect is to walk into a building showing you the gameboy and the C64 as examples of toys back in the 80s and 90s. But there you go.

The last stop that day was a wildlife park with animals from European regions. This one, as well as the open-air museum is south of Hamburg, but very fast to reach!

So this was a trip to the “real life”. We skipped most of the typical traditional tourist attractions in Hamburg since we’ve all done them before. But especially the wildlife park was well worth our time! So is Planten un Blomen, as it’s just a great place to go and relax. It’s much bigger than what you can see on the one picture.