Blaugust 2018 (Post 1)



Blaugust… again. But not like the previous ones! As Rakuno pointed out, a mere 5 posts will qualify you to say “I did it!”. That’s not bad at all – not that the previous Blaugusts were bad, but I generally don’t participate when I already know I will fail. So, with the number being officially this low, I decided to participate again this year.

In 2016, I gave up after 18 posts. Back in 2015 I actually succeeded and wrote a total of 31 posts. This year, I figured I could maybe aim for a quarter of the month? That would mean about 8 blog posts. We’ll see if that works.

But back to this year and “Blaugust Reborn”. Belghast started it and also wrote a comprehensive post explaining what Blaugust Reborn is and what our goals are. I already mentioned that the goal is set low – deliberately – with 5 posts this month. But this is not all! Blaugust is essentially about being part of the game blogging community and as such, he had the idea to combine it with Syp‘s “Newbie Blogger Initiative” where us older bloggers can sign up as mentors and help out everybody who wants to start or just started their own game blog. We are here with advice, we will answer any questions you may have and there may even be virtual cookies, tea, coffee, chocolate to calm your nerves should you be nervous about starting your own blog! I know I was, because I didn’t know what to expect. But ultimately, it led to meeting new people who like the same things I do, so that’s not bad at all, right? :)

Also, Chestnut is starting a mini podcast. So if you’re a participant or a mentor, you can record an audio file answering some of the questions she put in that post for everybody to listen to and send it to her!

And in case you are in need for ideas what to blog about, Belghast has you covered here as well as he introduced “topic weeks” where each week gives a different topic you can blog about if you want to. August 1 to August 7 is “Topic Brainstorming Week” which I am not going to participate in, because I actually need advice there myself. I have not had many good ideas what to blog about lately, so I’m the last one to give any advice here. ;)

If you’re interested in participating in Blaugust 2018 now, we have a Discord channel! You can also sign up if you want all of us to know you’re here. Those of us who did sign up already can be found in this list. So, you will know who else is participating – or, as a reader, head over to the list and check out these blogs! There are lots of bloggers there already and I’m sure there’s an interesting new blog for everybody, no matter which games you’re interested in. :)

And, of course, if you have any questions about Blaugust, also feel free to leave a comment here!