Defiance 2050

Summer of MMOs: Rift, Defiance, Guild Wars 2

My little rogue in Rift (Prime) is still little. Well, she is a dwarf, but she still hasn’t reached the level cap yet. Ember Isle has been released on Prime and since I never experienced this region when the level cap was at 50, I would actually really like to make it there. But levelling seems to go very slowly, so I am not sure I will get there fast enough. Don’t get me wrong: I do not complain about the slow levelling curve! I just don’t have that much time to play, so that’s why it’s taking me ages. I still enjoy levelling through the regions as the last time I did that was ages ago and Trion released things like instant adventures that made questing through the original areas basically a waste of time.

Rift Prime Meffanda rogue Death rift

I did not spend much time playing Defiance 2050 lately, because I kept having freeze frames at odd times. My whole PC froze. I have never experienced that with any other game. I did find a post from another player suggesting that turning off the shadows may do the trick. I have done so, but haven’t yet had the time to properly test it, but it seems to be gone now (*knocks on wood*). The freezing didn’t always occur and it was worse at some times, less bad at others.

Defiance 2050

Also, who makes a re-release of a game like this and does not take the chance to add a functionality to take screenshots? Or, come to think of it, who releases such a game without the option of doing so? Especially since this is from Trion, a company that added the functionality to take a screenshot and tweet it automatically as well as the functionality to take a video and upload it to YouTube directly from within the Rift client? I know there are a lot of things to be annoyed with in Defiance and I am, but this missing feature is driving me crazy!

Last, but certainly not least: The Bazaar of the Four Winds is finally returning to Guild Wars 2! It’s been four years since we last saw it. Since it’s been one of my favourites, I am very much looking forward to its return! Additionally, the Crown Pavilion will also return. I still remember fondly how I learned to play my engineer during this event. :p I’m considering taking my necro there since my brain just refuses to learn the shroud skills. I would also rather take my charr necromancer there than my asura one, but the charr has even less abilities unlocked for the reaper. I do know that I’m not too happy with how the asura looks anymore, but I still have makeover kits, so that’s not an issue.

GW2 asura necromancer

I am a bit at a loss with my mesmer and her build. I got her condition damage gear long ago, but with the – not so recent anymore – changes to the illusions, I guess I would actually play a power build now instead. I also need to rely on ranged damage due to my ongoing hand issues. Melee in Guild Wars 2 is too much of a strain on my hand. So I’m not really sure which build to go with now… maybe it would be easier if I actually had the new elite specialization unlocked, but I don’t. And without a build I like, I don’t see this happen anytime soon. Vicious circle there. Then again, as much as I love my mesmer, who has become my main now and will probably stay my main (yes, that is a crying warrior you hear in the background, but her ranged damage abilities are just too limited), the necromancer is calling me!

2 thoughts on “Summer of MMOs: Rift, Defiance, Guild Wars 2

  1. Lander7 says:

    Mesmer power build is my goto player. I love the damage and the CC control. I can solo most mid-level open world bosses by spamming clones. It’s the most fun to play and best for achievements given the extras like blink and portal.


    • paeroka says:

      I’d definitely play my mesmer that way. But I don’t want to get her new gear… At least, I got used to the illusion changes quickly. And no other profession is even close to the mesmer for me… so I guess I don’t really have a choice there. ;)

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