Announcing: Trove & Defiance 2050 Giveaways

Defiance 2050 cosmetic item Terranaut outfit

We just started a giveaway for Trove and Defiance 2050! The actual giveaway can be found on our usual giveaway page. So go over there in order to enter the giveaway/s!

Trove recently got a new (free) expansion, Geode, and we received some codes to give away and properly celebrate the occasion. I haven’t yet had the time or patience to check out the new content. Not that it’s rocket science to check it out, but I like to put my focus on a new expansion and that’s not been possible yet. ;)

It has gotten a new game mode: “Bomber Royale”. You battle with up to 19 other players. The last one still alive wins. So yes, PvP. Not my cup of tea – not PvP per se, but this “last one standing”. However, thankfully, that’s not all that Geode has to offer. There’s a whole new biome to explore and I am very much looking forward to that. It’s all about caves! Obviously, as I haven’t yet played the expansion, I can’t tell you whether the new content is any good.

Anyway, the giveaway is for the “Streamer Dream Box 2”. Each box unlocks 1 of 16 possible allies: Mighty Mayo, Proxy, Sinpie, Water Box, Miss Kyliee’s Faerie, Coffee Muaaaaargh, Beeline Feline (seen in the picture), Vulpsie, Freaky Pineapple, Wheel of Sin, Dirt Jar Digger, Naomie’s Tato, Gingee, Raging Red Panda, Flamin’ Stein and Plague Bearer. You unlock a random one you don’t yet have out of these 16.

You can see them all in this video by lordfafy

And then there is Defiance 2050 – the relaunch of Defiance. Defiance is/was available for PC, XBox 360 and PS3 while Defiance 2050 is available for PC, PS4 and XBox One. The original Defiance won’t be shut down, but Trion will very likely make new content for Defiance 2050 from here on and not for the original Defiance anymore. As a PC player, switching from Defiance to Defiance 2050 means not only starting over (that goes for everybody, after all), but not having my extra loadout or inventory slots anymore. Other than that, I haven’t noticed many changes. The interface is easier to handle and the inventory is a lot better and more convenient!

And yet, despite not liking having to switch over, I still bought the class pack for 20 € to get early access (and the convenience of 30 extra inventory slots and not having to unlock the classes in the game). Defiance (2050) is the one shooter-like game that I really enjoy playing! It’s not first person – or else I could not play. I also really like the setting and enjoyed watching the TV series. By the way, if you don’t want to pay anything for the game or just want to take a look, the game will be free to play for everybody on July 10!

So far, since it feels like almost exactly the same game, I’ve enjoyed myself. We’ll see if there are more noticeable changes in the future and if these make up for “losing” my progress and convenience that I had in the original game.

As I mentioned above, we also got codes to give away for Defiance 2050.  The code is for the Terranaut outfit which you can see in the screenshot below.

Defiance 2050 cosmetic item Terranaut outfit

Once again, the actual giveaways are on the giveaway page! Head over there if you want to participate. :)