Summer sales – uh oh…


What did I say about too many games, but not enough time? I completely forgot about summer sales. But so far, I’ve been a good little geek. I bought SimAirport which has been on my wishlist forever. Since it’s early access, I was very careful at first and didn’t want to buy it right away. It does look a lot like Prison Architect and reviews at the time said that not a lot was in the game. This has changed in the meantime, however. Well, not the visual similarity to Prison Architect, but the lack of content. When I saw a YouTube video about the game having added vertical expansion, I knew I had to get it! I like the look of Prison Architect and a change of scenery is certainly welcome. Building a prison and making it secure doesn’t lead to happy inmates, but building a nice comfortable airport will certainly lead to happy travellers… :)


I have not really started playing the game yet, though. SimAirport does not yet have a tutorial and I felt kind of lost after starting the game. I have since watched two tutorial videos where a player explains what to do to get the premade airport up and running. You can see it in the screenshot. I only switched the zones on the left so the garbage is near the storage space and asked the workers to build a foundation below the baggage claim area, as the airport needs a baggage transport system. The developers said that a tutorial is now one of their priorities. In the meantime, I will rely on the community to help me with guides.

Then there is Hob… the game I missed getting when it was on a really great sale on GOG. It looks interesting and I really loved Torchlight and Torchlight II (well, still do), so I trust the developers. On the other hand, I’m extremely impatient with puzzle games, so I don’t know if I’d really like this one. So, I’ve had the mouse over the “buy” button several times, but didn’t get it. It’s certainly not expensive and probably worth the money, but not if I’m not sure I’ll even really like it. I have my eyes on a few more games, but none have crossed the “WANT!”-threshold so far.

I also always use sales like this to go look around if I spot something I never even heard of before that I end up buying because it’s awesome. This time, it’s Another Lost Phone. I don’t even remember now why it caught my attention yesterday, but it did. When I saw it on Greenmangaming, I did a quick look at the Steam reviews and bought it without thinking twice. It cost me about 1,20 €. I’ve been playing it a bit – no idea how far through the plot I am. But it’s really good so far! You find somebody’s phone and of course, instead of just trying to find out where the owner lives to give it back to them, you’re being nosy, read all their messages and emails and get to know the person that way. :p But I quite like games like this one once in a while. They’re slow, I can take my time and just explore and see a story – or a snippet of somebody’s life – unfold in front of me.

I guess that’s it unless I find something else that I suddenly really need or discover something new that I hadn’t considered buying before. Besides, I am excited about Two Point Hospital and Tropico 6, so I’ll have to save my money for these two. I’m not certain yet whether Two Point Hospital will be a game I will buy immediately when it comes out, but Tropico 6 will be! – Unless they somehow screw it up. But the little things that I have seen so far look very promising and hopefully, they will return to the feeling of Tropico 3 and 4 again after Tropico 5 was a bit of a disappointment. Life is Strange 2 is also on my wishlist, but with a price of 40 €, I’ll probably wait until Christmas to get it, hoping for a small price cut for the winter sale. I’m also wondering whether it’s a good idea to start preorders now for LIS 2 considering that we’re seeing all these low prices for games right now which are in stark contrast to the 40 €.

But eh, it won’t be out for a couple of months anyway and in the meantime, we can all enjoy the new games we got and save up for the new releases later this year, right? :)