Gaming nostalgia weekend

C64 Mini

Bookahnerk and I will be spending this weekend (re-)visiting good old gaming times. Ultima Online started their version of “free to play” (or free trial, if you prefer) called Endless Journey yesterday. This was his favourite MMO back in the day and to some extent still is. I never played the official game. I only tried out a free shard once, but to be honest, I prefer the official servers. So I will dip my toes into this content – unless something else keeps me away from my modern PC.

C64 Mini

I finally got to pick up my C64 Mini today! Boy, it really is mini. In case you’ve not heard about the C64 Mini before: The keyboard is fake. For some, this is an issue, but not for me. You can apparently connect a USB keyboard to it, so that’s no big deal. And did I mention it really is mini? I wouldn’t know how to type on that thing anyway and my hands are rather small. The C64 mini comes with 64 games preinstalled, but you can attach a USB stick and play any other C64 games you may have. My favourite game as a kid was Airlines, so I’ll definitely try that out! Once I get the C64 connected to a monitor – and there’s the current biggest issue: Our flat still has too many moving boxes. They’re blocking our TV. I guess there’ll be cleaning before there’s gaming. But the weekend just started!

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