Bookahnerk’s honey-mustard glazed chili-duck

duck in oven

You know the drill by now: It’s time for a new cooking recipe! This year, I sat back and watched bookahnerk prepare it as he always does this one dish.

We had honey-mustard glazed chili-duck with potato wedges and field salad.

duck and potatoe wedges

Ingredients for the duck:
– 1 duck breast per person
– honey
– mustard
– salt and pepper
sambal oelek

Ingredients for the side dishes:
– field salad
– tomatoes and 1 cucumber (or whatever you want in your salad)
– potatoes
– salt, pepper, white wine vinegar and raspberry vinegar

You can either buy the sambal oelek or make it yourself. We usually get it from an Asian supermarket, but as we didn’t have any left, I made it myself this time. We have self-made ground chilis (you can just buy them if you like :p). I used some of these, added salt and white wine vinegar. I can’t tell you how much vinegar I used because the bottle slipped and yeah well… I let it sit there for a couple of hours and it had the texture of pulp later on.

sambal oelek

Very important for this recipe: You do not pre-heat the oven! It has to be cold.

Prepare the glaze: You need about one spoon of honey and one spoon of mustard (medium hot) for each duck breast. Add a bit of salt and pepper. When it comes to sambal oelek: Decide for yourself. How hot do you want it to be? The honey and mustard should still be the dominant taste in there, though. Mix it all in a small bowl.

Prepare the potato wedges: Use very fresh ones! Wash them, cut them in quarters and just add a little bit of salt. Put them on a baking tray covered with baking paper (for this recipe, you’ll need two baking trays as the ducks will go in a casserole on a second tray).

Pat the skin of the duck breasts with paper towels. Then take a pan and put the duck breasts in there with their skin down. Leave them in the pan (medium heat) for 20 minutes. After these 20 minutes, reduce the fat that’s in the pan now. Either take it out with a ladle or pour it out (carefully! You don’t want your ducks in the trash… ;) ). Then turn the ducks around on the non-skin side and cook them for 4 more minutes at a slightly higher temperature (make sure it’s not too hot as you don’t want to burn the meat!).

duck in oven

Use a casserole for the next step: Put the duck breasts in there with the skin upside. Now get the glaze and coat the duck breasts with it. Then put the casserole on a baking tray. Put the potato wedges in the oven as well as the baking tray with the casserole. Again: The oven must not be pre-heated! Now turn it on: 175 °C (347 °F) – We have a fan-assisted oven, by the way, so no upper and lower heat etc. here. Usually, if you use upper and lower heat, the temperature should be a bit higher.

The ducks stay in there for 30 minutes. The potato wedges should be ready at the same time. They were for us, but better take a look at them after 25 minutes to be sure they’re not too dark. Take them out if they are!

Feldsalat_field salad

Now you’ve got 30 minutes of time left. Prepare the field salad. If it’s good quality, you just wash it in water, put it in a salad spinner to dry and then throw it in a salad bowl. Add whatever else you like… we had cherry tomatoes and cucumber. We also had some glaze left which we used as part of the dressing. The other part was more white wine vinegar and raspberry vinegar, salt and pepper. Add some olive oil if you like. We didn’t use any and the glaze with the extra vinegar was enough for us.

That’s it! Enjoy. :)