Games/Expansions in 2018 that I’m anticipating

Ghost of a Tale - main character

New year, new games! For me, 2018 begins with a hopefully great expansion coming: Civilization VI’s “Rise and Fall”. It will be released on February 8, which coincides with me leaving my current job. It also coincides with us moving across the country, but that will happen later that month. So in between packing our moving boxes, I will surely find some time to relax and play. Most of all, turn-based games are perfect for me to play with my RSI, because I can take a break any time and there are no swift actions necessary, so I can be very mindful about my hands while playing.

But of course, the game being compatible with my hand issues is not the reason I am looking forward to it (though it’s certainly not minimizing my anticipation either). I know Civilization VI is a controversial game among Civ-fans. I personally really like it and haven’t looked back at the previous games anymore. This isn’t to say that Civ VI is better in every aspect. It’s certainly not! But I like the district-building, for example. The AI is annoying, though. Especially when I get spammed with friend-requests every single turn by another leader. The features that the expansion will bring sound really interesting. There is one which stands out for me: Loyalty. If one of your cities has a low loyalty, you may lose it and they may become independent. On the other hand, if you gain a foreign city’s loyalty, you may win it. It does sound a bit like the feature from Civilization IV where you could win over foreign cities with enough culture. That was always my favourite way of expanding my borders. Peaceful, yet annoying nonetheless to my opponents. :)

There will also be new civilizations to play. Seven (of nine…) have been announced so far. Considering the game’s DLCs haven’t been on sale on Steam so far, I am really looking forward to these new civilizations. I only bought two DLCs outside of Steam when I had gotten vouchers (one from Greenmangaming and one from Fanatical) and got another DLC from bookahnerk as a gift. But I only bought the two civilizations (Nubia and Australia) because I really liked what they offered. The others don’t interest me much, so I’m not getting them for the time being. Anyway, I am especially looking forward to more female leaders. Yes, I know history has been spares with female leaders. But I still like that they’re adding them whenever possible! I’m just wondering how long it takes for us to see Merkel as a leader… maybe in Civ XX? :p Wilhemina, from the Netherlands, sounds very interesting. I like playing with leaders that give bonuses when building next to water tiles.

The next game on my list is Ghost of a Tale. It’s been on Steam Early Access for quite a while and it’s just great to see it’s gotten an official release window now! I don’t know yet if I will be able to play it or not with my hand issues, but I don’t really care about that at the moment. They are aiming to release in March 2018! I have only played the very beginning of the game so far, because I don’t want to spoil the fun of playing the game once it’s released. But I can tell you that I have spent more time awwwwing at the character than actually playing. It’s so adorable! And the animations, the design of the environment etc. are amazing. Reviews for the game have been very positive (up to “overwhelmingly positive”), so as long as my hands let me play this game, I am sure I’ll enjoy it!

Two Point Hospital was announced only recently, but I’m definitely curious about this one. I actually never played the Bullfrog games when they first came out. Bookahnerk did tell me about them, though, and when I saw Theme Hospital on sale on GOG, I bought it. I’ve had lots of fun with that one, so I’m looking forward to whatever else they release now. I enjoy “building and management” games. Theme Hospital also added quite a bit of humour which is probably necessary for a scenario like this.

I saw some comments by gamers who wished that they would not just make “Theme Hospital in 3D”, but that they had to add more to the game. I am not so sure. If a game comes out shortly after another successful game of that kind, then yes, I agree! Why should we buy a new version if it’s exactly or very similar to the one that was released one or two years ago (a phenomenon that always confuses me when I look at certain sports games…)? However, Theme Hospital was released a long time ago and even though GOG made it easily accessible again, I would still prefer something more modern. Not the game itself needs to be modernized, not even the graphics in this case, but the user interface and being able to change the screen resolution (I don’t like full-screen mode, so that’s not an option) would be great!

Warhammer 40k Martyr - Psyker Login Screen

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr may be released in Q1 of 2018. Current testers are skeptical as the game needs more polishing. I would agree, as they just recently changed the levelling experience and I would assume they’d need a lot of feedback for that. But maybe I am wrong here. It’s a game where I managed to show my weakness: I bought into Early Access. I was much too curious and just had to see the game myself now instead of waiting for its release. Oh, it’s an action RPG game, by the way! Unfortunately, when I tried the game (for a very short time, admittedly), I did not like the available classes. They just added a third one, the Psyker (after the Crusader and the Assassin classes). I still need to try that one out. I found some of the features a bit difficult to understand, but as I said, I haven’t played much, so my opinion doesn’t count yet. ;)

Tropico 5 tourist area

Tropico 6 and Surviving Mars are two more games that I’m eagerly anticipating. I’ve been a fan of the Tropico series since Tropico 4 (yes, I know, not as long as others). I couldn’t stand Tropico 5 when it came out (and I regretted buying it for full price at release), but I eventually got into the game and liked it. But I did go back to Tropico 4 now, because I think that overall, it’s the better game! It’s a bit sad that we’re not getting that much information about Tropico 6. We do know that there’s a different development team behind the game, but the same publisher. And we will be playing on more than just one island. So far, it’s always been just one island at a time. I am very much looking forward to this! The picture above shows Tropico 5, by the way. Tropico 6 will look very similar, though, from what I’ve seen so far. I am not sure this game will be a release-day purchase or even something I am pre-purchasing. I have high hopes that they will improve the game and not repeat a “Tropico 5 experience” for me, but as there just hasn’t been that much information yet, I am going to stay cautious. Looking at the amount of hours I’ve been playing Tropico 5, it’s not question that it was well worth being purchases on release. It’s just the feeling of regret that I do not wish to repeat.

Surviving Mars is a game developed by Haemimont Games which are, ironically enough, the previous developers of the Tropico series (and Victor Vran). The game is currently planned to release in Spring. I don’t remember at which point I set my eyes on this game. I really like city-building games, though (who would have guessed, eh? :p) and since I did love all the Tropico games up until Tropico 4 (I played the previous ones after I played Tropico 4), I am curious about this game. What’s annoying is that the Steam forum for this game is flooded with people begging to click their links*. You need to “recruit” others in order to receive in-game items as a bonus. So if you’re interested in getting any new information on the game, don’t go to the Steam forum!

There have been several gameplay videos, though. So if you’re interested in the game, I’d suggest looking for those instead.

*None of the links posted in this blog post are referral links, by the way. :p

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