Gaming with RSI: Vertical mouse no. 3 and a trackball mouse

Evoluent vertical mouse

Bookahnerk got me the Evoluent vertical mouse for lefthanders*. There is only this one model for lefthanders, but thankfully, it works very well with my hand. Compared to the other two vertical mice I already have (from Perixx and Havit), there are two big differences: 1) it’s more massive with a thumb-rest and 2) it’s a lot more expensive (85 €). But let’s skip ahead to the tl;dr verdict: It is worth every single cent for my poor hand!

Evoluent vertical mouse

Then there is the Logitech M570 trackball mouse which is only available for right-handers. Thankfully, this is exactly what I needed. Now the right hand has learned and adapted and I can use the PC for a lot of things using my right hand on the mouse. However, whenever I need to click on links or things like specific cells in Excel, I notice the lack of precision with my right hand. It takes a while to navigate the cursor to where I want to click and once I do, I move the cursor away again at the same time. So most of the time, I used my Evoluent with my left hand to navigate and keep the mouse steady while the right hand did the actual clicking (which hurts the most when done with the left hand). This worked great except that it put stress on my left hand and even without clicking, it made my left hand ache quite a lot!

When I saw the trackball mouse, I didn’t think much of it at first and only mentioned to bookahnerk that in case the vertical mouse for my right hand wasn’t good enough, this could be an option. He pointed out that with such a trackball, the thumb moves the cursor and once I click with my index finger, I can move the thumb away from the trackball and so, I wouldn’t have the aforementioned issue anymore. I thought about it for a bit… a few minutes… then my hand clicked the “order” button before I knew it. ;) And I’ve got to say, I’ve fallen in love with it. Now, I will never work without my vertical mice ever again – but right now, with that bad pain in my left hand, my best option is not to use it at all for navigating on the PC. And the trackball mouse for the right hand makes it unnecessary! Unfortunately, over longer times of usage, I have noticed that navigating the trackball with my right hand together with lots of clicking puts a lot of stress on my right hand as well. So, instead of a vertical left-hander mouse and a vertical right-hander mouse connected to my PC, I currently work with the trackball and the vertical right-hander mouse for my right hand. Switching between these two mice works rather well. I am also doing stretching exercises and make regular breaks – but this is for a later article! All about: Preventing RSI in my second hand.

The downside of the trackball one is that the mouse itself isn’t vertical. However, since you’re not moving the mouse per se, but only the trackball, I would say that if your arms or shoulders are having RSI symptoms, it would still be a good choice to use! And you can just build a platform to place your mouse more vertically. The trackball one isn’t moved on your desk, after all.

In other words: If you have RSI issues in your hand or wrist or if you’re a right-hander and your hand feels stressed, I would still recommend a proper vertical mouse – especially the Evoluent because of the thumb rest! The Havit is great as well while the Perixx one is okay and in my opinion, gives a great price-performance ratio especially if you’re purely trying to prevent stress for your hand but have no issues at the moment whatsoever.

I would say the Evoluent is the ugliest of the vertical ones, the least “agile” looking one, but it’s hands down the best and most comfortable one of the three! I used the action combat camera in Guild Wars 2 with the Evoluent mouse and I’ve been able to play with no issues (on good days!) for half an hour until I needed a longer break. So I would say that some PC games work very well with it. No idea about shooters, though!

The thumb rest means that my hand can stay “up” and doesn’t rest on the table anymore. I also feel that I can move the mouse without putting any pressure on it at all. It makes every move more relaxed.It originally had the “right-click” function on the lowest button (what you can see in the pictures is three buttons – the lowest one with the “curve” is the third button I’m talking about). My hands are tiny, so this was very uncomfortable. You can see my hand’s position in one picture where my index finger and my middle finger look like a “V” – obviously not ergonomic for me at all! After installing the driver, the software let me change the settings, though, so that the middle button is my right-click button now. It feels much better this way. I forgot what I put on the lowest button or on the other special buttons that the mouse has. I hardly ever use these buttons anyway, because they’re usually not comfortable to reach for me because my hands aren’t the right size. :p

The only downside, again, is the price! As far as I can tell, the big difference to other PC mice I’ve been using is the design. Again, if you suffer from RSI but desperately need to use a mouse, then this is worth a shot and I’m SO grateful that bookahnerk didn’t care about the price and got it for me (as my anniversary present – yes, this is romance, too, in its own sense!). I think if there was a mouse like the Havit for my left hand, it could be a good competition as well, but since it doesn’t exist, I cannot test it.

*To be fair to the other companies, I added the names to the previous article. :p For those of you who do not know us: We are not sponsored and did not receive the products for free or at a discount (*sigh* I wish… ^^). There are also no affiliate links here. I tried to track down the company’s websites if possible.


  1. That’s great that you are finding solutions. My Evoluent has just started misbehaving – it’s double-clicking instead of single clicking so I have had to retire it, but it had constant use for about 3 years I think. I did the same re-map as you for the right-click even though my hands are quite big. The other thing I liked is that even thought it’s not a gaming mouse it has enough buttons to do a few useful remaps. I used one of the thumb buttons for dodge and it has been horrible now that I don’t have it!

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    1. Ah, good to hear. So it’s just a weird right-click button in general. :p I hope my Evoluent will last a long time… I currently can’t use it because there’s too much pain in my left hand. But once it gets better, I know the mouse will be comfortable, at least.


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