Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year to all our readers!

My New Year’s Resolution: Blog more again!

Thanks to the RSI, my gaming time is limited, but I am busy with boring RL stuff, too. Still, writing about games is something I enjoy doing and I would like to do that more often. There is one post I plan to publish soon and then I got one more vertical PC mouse that I want to write about and I just ordered another one for my right hand to try – if that one works as I hope it will, my left hand will be able to relax more as I’m still using it to move to places where my right hand can click on. I am also the very proud owner of a Steam controller which opened up lots of gaming possibilities again!

Just a glimpse into my RL stuff: I am wrapping up my current job. I quit and will – if I get to take all my vacation days that I haven’t taken yet – get out there after the first week of February. This sounds bad… “get out there”. I will miss that job, even though it brought me the RSI. It wasn’t bad treatment or anything. It was circumstances that led to me having to work so much coupled with me not being able to see that I did more than my body could handle. The reason I (had to) quit is because bookahnerk got a job in Northern Germany, more precise: In Hamburg. He is already there most of the time and I will follow in a few weeks. We spent the time after Christmas and into the New Year in our new flat already and put some Ikea furniture together. Fun! :D And this after I swore never to put together another Ikea kitchen… oh well, maybe this is the last one! Hamburg’s Christmas markets are open after Christmas, by the way, which meant that we could go even go to one and enjoy the scenery there (our local one is really bad with no Christmas atmosphere whatsoever). We also went there on the very day that they had fireworks to celebrate the Christmas market and the upcoming New Year!

I am also still working on my dissertation which I will finish this year, finally. ;)

Gaming wise, I would love to be able to play Rift again, but it’s not currently possible other than sending minions and placing a few items into my dimension (but only placing them, not building things which need precise positions etc. as that involves too much clicking). I may give Trove another try. It is released for consoles, after all, so I have high hopes that I can play the PC version with my Steam controller. Guild Wars 2 with its action camera setting is possible to play, but I need my left hand, so I try to limit my gaming time to an absolute minimum. That is, I am playing the story episodes but very slowly!

I did play through Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Thankfully, there isn’t much clicking involved in that one. My short spoiler-free verdict: It started a bit weakish which is probably because I wasn’t much of a Chloe fan with the original game. It’s different from Life is Strange because it’s lacking that game’s mechanic. However, I think the (new) developers did an amazing job and I love the game for what it is! Also, pen & paper roleplaying? Awesome!