Giveaway: Alabaster Perinoor Silks Costumes for ArcheAge

Alabaster Perinoor Silks Costume Front

(The giveaway is closed. The winners are: Milkyy, Entaia and The Lover Boy. Congratulations!)

We both don’t play ArcheAge, but since we’re part of Trion’s Creator Programme, we sometimes get codes for games other than Rift to give away. We’re happy to share these with you, of course, even if we don’t play the game ourselves.

Alabaster Perinoor Silks Costume Back

So we received 3 codes for the Alabaster Perinoor Silks Costume which we are giving away here. Our regular rules for giveaways apply. Also, please note that these codes expire on December 31, 2017, so if you do get one, please make sure to enter the code on the Trion website before that date!

The following rules apply:

  1. One entry per person! Please stay fair! Your IP address gets logged when you comment, so we can see if you try to enter several times.
  2. In order to enter, leave a comment with the phrase listed below.
  3. Leave a valid email address when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winners and nothing else! Enter said email address into the “email” field, do not add it to the comment field as that one is public! We will send an email to the winners with the code(s) you’ve won. If your email address is invalid, we may not be able to send you the code!
  4. The giveaway has a stated deadline. All valid entries (as stated under no. 1 and no. 2) posted before the deadline will be entered into the drawing.
  5. No debating about the outcome! Unless otherwise stated in the respective giveaway, we will randomly choose the winners from the eligible entries if there are more entries than prizes. This is done by me making a list of all valid entries, re-checking the list to make sure it’s correct and then using to roll for the winner/s.
  6. You promise not to sell your prize! If you decide you don’t want it after all, give the code(s) to a friend or guildie – for free!

In order to enter the giveaway for one of the cosmic wisp mounts, please read the rules, then leave a comment and use the following key word:


Please note that the codes will expire on December 31, 2017. So if you win one, enter it in your Trion account page before that date!

The giveaway will close on Saturday, December 23, 2017, at 9 pm German time. Winners will be drawn as soon as possible after the deadline. As this is close to a) Christmas and b) December 31, please feel free to pester me on Twitter should we not announce that we have drawn the winners here on December 24!

Due to an increase in spam comments, I had to increase security. If you’ve not posted a comment here before, your comment will end up in a queue and will have to be manually approved by me. Do not worry, I will approve all non-spam comments and I even double-check the comment queue before going through the list of entries. Your comment will not get lost!


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