Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – First Impressions (NO story spoilers!)

Just as indicated in the subject: I am not going to write about the story here. I, myself, am not far in yet and I certainly wouldn’t want to take away any content for my readers either.

So instead, I am going to give you a few impressions I have gotten without talking about the story.

The launch was very smooth and as always, I am impressed with the technical side of the game. In one moment, you were playing the “old version” and in the next, the expansion was ready to be downloaded. No downtime of any sort. However, later in the evening (EU time), the servers had issues. I could not get into a story instance with my warrior with whom I’d also wanted to take a look at the expansion (currently playing with my mesmer as my main). The “old world” seemed to work just fine. I decided to leave the game and wait for today to see if everything’s running smoothly again. So far, it is.

The soundtrack is really good so far. My favourite song is the one based on the Nightfall Soundtrack. In general, I feel like I’m back in Nightfall when I listen to the music – or look around! Because that’s the next part that I really love, as always: The world design! I have only seen one map so far, Crystal Oasis, and it’s amazing! Describing it through words is impossible, so I will close this post with a gallery of pictures I took in Crystal Oasis.



  1. I didn’t get in until Saturday morning (US – PT). And by then, there were not issues on my end. Just once – right when I tried to gamble – it kicked me out. But they had a patch within 5 minutes, and all was well again.
    I agree, the scenery and the music is great! I love having new content and story!


    1. I’ve not had any issues yesterday, didn’t get to play today, but I assume they fixed whatever was broken now. :)

      The scenery is what I’ve always loved, no matter the content they released. <3 New content is always good, too, of course. :p I've not gotten far in the story yet, as I want to take my sweet time experiencing it.


      1. Yep, I’m in no hurry either. Even if I have to ride the first mount for a month😄 It’s amazing how many people had to get all the mounts right away.


        1. I just had to get the second mount! For one, because it’s easier to get to some more mastery points (I hope) and then, because it’s just too cute! But now I’m back to exploring the first map as I haven’t even seen everything yet. I concentrated on the story before and want to pause now until I have seen the whole first map. :)

          Thankfully, there are no temporary story pieces anymore. So everybody can explore the new content at their own pace. :)


  2. I normally play with the music turned off (farming habit) so I must make sure I give this Soundtrack a listen!


    1. I often turn off the music as well (Netflix, for example… :p). But here I really like turning it on so far. At least, until I’ve heard all the songs the game offers for the new maps now. And since one song especially reminds me of Guild Wars: Nightfall, it’s even better!


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