MMO gaming-goals this autumn

GW2 Flummi mesmer

I really miss the time where I played only one MMORPG (World of Warcraft) and Guild Wars 1 for its story whenever I found time. I am currently trying to dip my toes into too many games at once while actually not having time for any of them.

So I thought about what I want to experience in the different games I am playing and I came up with a neat little list.

Guild Wars 2 will  see its second expansion very soon. So far, none of the new elite specialization really caught my eye. On top of that, after all these years, I still haven’t made up my mind which asura is my main character. I am currently strongly favouring my mesmer, because the specialization, Chronomancer, is a lot of fun. The warrior’s Berserker is fun as well, but overall, the profession is just less interesting to me than the mesmer. Also, I just like more weapons and more trait lines with the mesmer, so it really makes sense to play this one.

GW2 Flummi mesmer

Anyway, I still really want to get the elite specializations unlocked with some other professions. I’ve recently finished the necromancer’s as I was briefly considering taking her to the next expansion. I still haven’t really tossed away the idea to get into necromancer more. I always said that it’s a profession I should like, but for some reason, I didn’t. It’s intriguing, at least. Next up to unlock to HoT elite specialization fully is either my thief or my engineer. The thief is very squishy, though. And the engineer (the only Charr in this line-up) has already unlocked a few skills and traits. However, the most fun I had with the engineer was during open world living story (like the marionette, Queen’s Dauntlet etc.). But running around solo isn’t that much fun for me.

And, of course, I actually do want to play the expansion when it comes live! Mesmer is 90 % the character I am going to take there. Since this expansion is very light on new features and focuses on the story, I guess I will be enjoying that as soon as the expansion releases – which, thankfully, is a short bit before my work gets very hectic and stressful again, so I should be able to enjoy it for a bit.

My goal in Rift is – easier or not, depending on how big I’m going to make this project. I’ve been wanting a darker, kind of scary dimension for quite some time and since Halloween is coming closer, I’d really like to do that project. I know, I know, I have about three other dimension projects that I never even really started. But they are much bigger in my head than this little Halloween dimension. At the moment, the big hurdle is trying to decide for one dimension to build in. But I’ve collected a few pumpkins already.

Rift Stone Grove

For Secret World Legends, it’s much easier… or so I hope. There is just one little goal: Get my character out of Kingsmouth! And with that, I mean that I want to play through the story quests that this region has. I’ve never achieved that in the “original” Secret World. I actually like Secret World Legends more. The combat feels better and the user interface and building your character (stats, skills etc.) seems much easier and more intuitive to handle.

Secret World Legends Kingsmouth

These are the three MMOs that I’m trying to focus on for now. There is also Elder Scrolls Online, which I want to play more as well. But there just isn’t enough time for now, so it needs to wait a bit.