New look, new character, new expansion

After a long hiatus, I went back to Guild Wars 2. Of course, I also sat here watching the announcement of the next expansion “Path of Fire” excitedly, but unlike what feels like the huge majority of Guild Wars 2 fans, it did not leave me impressed. A new elite specialization for each profession, 5 new maps and the ability to use mounts (kind of like the aspect skills from Sanctum Sprint, only with a “skin” and much prettier animations). It is cheaper than the previous expansion, Heart of Thorns, though. And ArenaNet already said that things like additions to WvW or sPvP don’t count, because they will be delivered when the respective teams have something to deliver.

In other words, this expansion to me sounds like a paid DLC which also makes sure that ArenaNet gets money to continue developing the game. Fair enough, I guess. When they had the preview weekend, I took a stroll with my warrior and really liked what I saw. I can justify spending money on a game I enjoy (not all of the time, but sometimes) which will apparently/hopefully give me some maps that I like playing on again. At least, the first part of the first map did not have any of the confusing layout that the Heart of Thorns maps had. I also really enjoyed the raptor mount – then again, I also always loved Sanctum Sprint.

During the preview weekend, I decided to turn on the music and just listen to what kind of music ArenaNet may have added to the new zones. Just when I did, the song from Kamadan started playing – or maybe a new version of this song. My adventures in good old Guild Wars started with Nightfall, so this was like coming back home! It was this moment that they sold the expansion to me. I bought it the next day, but the decision had been made right then.

GW2_Asura revenant

Until its release, I am going to try out the different professions to see which one I want to take into the expansion. My current guess is: Warrior or mesmer. It’s always warrior or mesmer. But the expansion came with a boost to level 80, so I finally got my last asura – the necromancer – to level 80. Now I have each profession as asura at max. level. When I created my asura revenant, I did not like her look at all. Unfortunately, the free options for asura are rather limited (compared to what you get for humans) and add to that the fact that I dislike half of the free hairstyles and faces. Fortunately, I have three total makeover kits (thanks to personal story level 10 runs and luck with those free black lion chest keys). So I used one of these to finally make her look much better – and since you get access to the paid character creation options only through these makeover kits, I made heavy use of these options. Now I’m much happier with her. The problem is: I still can’t play revenant and feel very lost. So I used a free character slot to create a Norn revenant and can play through the low level areas with less skills to worry about while also unlocking the missing achievements for the norn personal story. :p

GW2 Norn revenant