Do you ever go back to earlier game versions?

Civ V Austria

I started “Tropico 5” several times lately only to realize that something isn’t right with it. I miss Tropico 4 – and I can’t even say exactly what it is. I called Tropico 5 a waste of my money for quite some time. After playing it for more than 110 hours, I obviously cannot say that anymore! However, Tropico 4 is still standing with more than 130 hours. And I didn’t even play it anymore after Tropico 5 got released – until very recently, that is.

Tropico 4 managing workers


It’s just a feeling, as I haven’t compared it directly yet, but in places, Tropico 5 seems like an easier version of Tropico 4. I remember being able to adjust the wage of my workers either for one building only, for all buildings of that type or for all workers with that school education – and in Tropico 5, there are only five choices for the wage – either for this specific building only or for all such types. It just annoys me that they took this away, even if it’s not a big thing. Also, there are other parts that are better now like the user interface (knowing which buildings you’ve already placed, for example).

Tropico 5 buildings list


So for the time being, I went back to Tropico 4 and it is just much more fun than Tropico 5 – if only I could also see a list of placed buildings there.

The exact opposite happened with Warlock 1 and Warlock 2. I only had my laptop available which isn’t made for gaming. Warlock 2 needed a few too many resources, so I chose Warlock 1 and even though there were some things about Warlock 2 which I actually didn’t like much (e. g., the limit for cities you can control without getting some kind of punishment), as soon as I was playing Warlock 1, I realized that it had just been the nostalgia that made me think I preferred Warlock 1. To me, Warlock 2 feels like the better, the improved game. And that’s how it should be with sequels, right?

At the same time, there is always this nostalgia… the fun you had with a game is something that just sticks to your mind!

Civilization VI, on the other hand, is a game that actually does not make me look back. Even though I don’t like the AI and their constant “denouncing” for little things like having a different kind of government. There are so many things I like about the game – for example, I love the districts and I would really miss this – that I don’t even think about going back to any of the older games. I know there are a lot of players complaining, playing Civ V. So I guess I may be in the minority here. But as always, it’s subjective whether you like a game or not.

It’s just that whenever a game I love gets a sequel announced, I hope that they will not bring out a game that seems easier or even “dumbed down” and will instead work on improving what made the previous game popular. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, I guess.


  1. Hm. I don’t know if I have actually done the same thing. I probably did but can’t remember right now.

    The closest I can think of is my desire to go back and play some Morrowind since for me it is the best in the Elder Scrolls series. But mechanically Skyrim is the best for me and there is always some new mod to test so I end up playing that one instead.

    With the Civilization series I am not sure if I will move to Civilization 6 or stay with 5. I like many of Civilization 6 changes but I haven’t wrapped my head around them just yet. So for me the sessions feel a lot more difficult since I don’t know if I am making a good decision or not. On the other hand I can’t say I play Civilization 6 much yet as I got distracted with other games. Maybe once I am done with all the main story in Final Fantasy XIV I will give it a try again.

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    1. I never played Morrowind, only a tiiiiny bit of Oblivion and now ESO – well, I paused with my hand issues, but I did play a bit before that and really liked what I saw. But I guess comparing an MMO “sequel” (real-time-wise) is hard to compare to a single player RPG anyway.

      What annoys me most with Civ VI is actually not seeing whether I already built an improvement for a field or not. It is there, of course. A farm, for example, gets some fences added. The tooltip says “encampment” (or whatever fits). But it’s quite clunky. The tooltip only appears when you move your mouse over a certain part of the field. And I can’t always tell whether the little graphic on the tile shows there’s an improvement built or not. Maybe hardcore gamers can tell it apart, but I can’t.

      Other than that, I really enjoy the game. What I missed in Civ V was not being able to take cities through culture. It’s also not possible in Civ VI, but I feel that culture in general plays a more important rule again. I’m just curious about their expansion – when, if and what they will offer with it. :p

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