Spoils of this year’s summer sale

Agatha Christie ABC Murders

Same problem every Steam sale: So many games, so many sales, but still neither enough money nor enough time to get and play all the games on my wishlist. :p I sorted them by priority and then in the end, ignored that priority anyway and got games lower on my list or games that hadn’t even been on my wishlist before.

The first game I bought was Overcooked, but that was for bookahnerk as the party games are on his account, not on mine. We haven’t been able to play it yet, mostly because of my health issues with my left hand and not being able to use a gamepad. But we’ve both lately started to enjoy cooperative board games a lot and a cooperative PC game just seems to fit perfectly here!

The Temporal Invasion seems very intriguing and since it only involves clicking (I think) but not moving a character around, it’s something I can easily play! Unfortunately, I got discouraged when I started the game and didn’t understand what I was supposed to do. :p I will definitely take a “serious look” again soon, but at that point, it made me close the game and focus on my other purchases instead.

I actually played a tiny little bit of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition so far. I bought it right when we had a busy weekend. But it did made me realize that I can play games with “click to move” as well as long as there’s not many skills to activate at the same time. I haven’t returned to Titan Quest yet, but that’s not because the game is bad. I chose to play two other games instead and focus on there for now, before I will return to this one.

Agatha Christie ABC Murders

Here is the “surprise gem” that hadn’t been on my radar at all: Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders – I don’t actually remember how this game got my attention. It may have been Steam’s discovery queue (which usually only shows me games I am definitely not interested in even if they’re similar to what I own and play). Since it has a demo, I downloaded that one and when I realized that I had closed the game for one reason only (I didn’t want to be disappointed to hit the end of the demo!), I decided just to buy the game. :p I’ve been playing it for a total of 9 hours now and am at 62 % completion. I really like such crime games where you try to figure out who the murderer(s) are, but they are quite often coupled with puzzles and while I like them once in a while, I don’t like them being the majority of gameplay. This is, unfortunately, the case here. Still, it’s an enjoyable game and I just take breaks in between my play sessions to enjoy the game more. But in case you’re thinking of getting the game, you can guess how many hours of playtime you get – unless you’re fast with puzzles in which case the game is probably a lot shorter.

One game I did not get on Steam is Codex of Victory. I had a coupon, so I got the game cheaper than on Steam and I decided to get two copies at once, so bookahnerk has it as well now. Another game where I had tried the demo first. What’s a big negative here is that while the game features a  campaign, there are no open non-campaign maps. But eh, lots of game until you’re through with the campaign and there’s PvP maps as well, so all is fine here. And the campaign maps apparently have replay value, too. This, too, is a game that I will return to in a while, because it seemed like an easier xcom-like game and I’d really like to play something like that! Also, it’s turn-based which is something I can currently play with no issues.

I am still on the fence about Small World 2. It’s a PC version of a board game and it looks fun and I like having PC versions of board games because you can play them without having lots of space on your table – or with friends who can’t come over and visit you at your house. But I don’t like the game Risk and it seems to have similarities. Watching YouTube videos also didn’t help much. I’m still not sure I’d enjoy it enough to warrant the very cheap price. ;)

Diablo 3 Necromancer Corpse Explosion

Last but not least, the one purchase that wasn’t on Steam and wasn’t on sale either, but what stole most of my gaming time: The Necromancer pack in Diablo 3. I don’t know if necromancer was my first choice if it wasn’t for my hand issue, but I bound the skills to my mouse which I’m using with my right hand (getting so much better with this, actually! I never was able to use a PC mouse with my right hand until I had to now… since the end of April, so the hand’s getting lots of practice here!) and the minions are doing lots of the work for me. Also, click-to-move again which makes it all easier. I miss my monk, but the necromancer is really nice as well. Especially with her “corpse explosion” skill. BOOM! :D

So, this is the end result… maybe. ;)