Rift Dimension building project: Tempest Island IV

Rift Meffanda's Home on Gelidra-EU

I switched to different projects thinking I’ve run out of ideas how to continue with this dimension, but in the end, I always get some ideas for little things I can add. I’ve made a list now and am slowly working through it.

Comparing yourself with others is always a bad idea, because there will always be somebody who is better. I like to look at what Rift dimensioneers make with their dimensions and be completely in awe. Mine is just so boring and simple in comparison. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad, right? Simple can also be good. Or nice, at least. So here is another update for those interested in Rift’s housing.

One thing first, though: The toilet wasn’t built by me, but by Baradara. I took it from Rift Dimension Addicts – a Rift fansite where dimensioneers can “upload” items and you can then rebuild it in your own dimension. I did add the water system below, though. :p

So where did we stand last July? I had focused on the kitchen and had no idea what to do with the area upstairs. I added target dummies there. They were bugged at some point, so I removed some in the meantime. I am still not happy with the upper floor and decided to move the training area outside, but I haven’t started with that yet. My bogling servant got a more fitting hut, I added an outside shower (with a water system) and the newest addition is a sauna which I just finished today.

The restroom needs a sink and I want to add a different flooring to it. I am always expanding my kitchen. There is now an empty table with a kitchen knife on it. I would like to add a chopping board. The kitchen sink is terribly ugly still. But at least, I have one. :p It will be made prettier, though. The combat training area outside needs to be built. And then I want to use part of the island – further away from the house – to build some ancient ruins.  The bedroom upstairs is still unfinished. Maybe I will add a guestroom or two once the target dummies are out of there.

If you want to take a look yourself, you can find my dimension on Gelidra-EU. It’s called “Meffanda’s Home” and – obviously – belongs to Meffanda.

(Note: This post may contain typos as I could only use my non-dominant hand for typing thanks to a tenosynovitis in my left hand.)