Get the Rift expansion for free!

Rift changed their expansion’s name to “Prophecy of Ahnket” (due to some legal issues with a charity) and used this moment to start a little promotion: Everybody who logs in from now until May 14 gets the newest expansion for free! After that, you will have to pay for the expansion again, but it will be reduced in price down to $ 19.99 (19.99 €).

I already bought it, so I’m not getting anything, but that’s okay. If it makes more people play, I am happy. :p

Also, everybody who logs in during that time received a “Prophecy of Ahnket” cache. Please note that only one character receives this! You will get:

  • Box of Individual Reward Charges (contains 10 such charges)
  • A puzzle box dimension item (mine was an 8-sided one)
  • 2x Tenebrean Engines (used to upgrade raid items)
  • Rae-Me (a companion pet!)
  • Glimmering Bag of Sparkles (I opened this one without writing down the amount, sorry!)

Rift Rae-Me companion petI know there are people who are annoyed because we had to pay for the expansion and others are getting it for free. Well, it’s certainly true. But I also did get lots of playtime from that expansion already and did not have to wait several months. And in MMOs, it’s generally great if there are more players around, so if Trion gets players back – or even gets some to try out the game (the expansion is free for everybody and Rift itself is free to play!), I am super happy. :)

Rift Dimension Items puzzle boxesPlease note: You get one puzzle box and it’s random. I received an 8-sided one and got the others from the auction house. They are also constantly rotating.

Also, in case you recently purchased the expansion, Brasse asks you to contact support.

They also released a raid today, but I don’t play raids, so I have no idea about any of that and will thus not write about it here. Also, my wrist is injured (tenosynovitis), so I guess writing this post here shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Whoops. :p

4 thoughts on “Get the Rift expansion for free!

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Thanks for the info! I logged in to Rift last night and in the store it now says I have the Propehcy of Ahnket expansion already. Now to maybe actually play the game again…….


      • pkudude99 says:

        I actually never bought Nightmare Tide, so my characters are …well….. 60 cleric, 60 Warrior, 60 Rogue, and 57 Mage. I did buy the Primalist at some point, but I think I’m only like… 15 on that. I don’t have all the soul packs either…… someday, perhaps.


        • paeroka says:

          Nightmare Tide’s content is free for all. Only new souls have to be bought. So, you could jump right back in and play all the way up to 70 without having to pay anything. :p

          Also, the Primalist still only has a limited number of souls. They originally said that new souls have to be bought, but they shifted away from that. If you own the Primalist, you will get the rest of the souls for free. They’re coming with one of the next patches. :)


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