Rift Dimensions: Hey look! Another dimension project!

I didn’t really continue with my tree house project, but I decided to start yet another one. The thing is that I’ve been playing my Primalist more recently. She’s still tiny (level 22), but she wants a place to call home.

While walking through my storage dimension that’s filled with buildings only, I took a close look at every building in there. The ones I liked are also the ones I have already played with in other dimensions except for my one impulsive purchase, the Sanctuary of Rebirth. It was on the auction house and it was expensive, but I had to get it! And then I didn’t know what to do with it or where to place it.

Somehow, I get the feeling that it may be just a tad too big for my dwarf. But eh, she’s the spoiled baby of my character-family, so she gets what she wants!

Given the size of the building, not many dimensions actually fit. I went with the Mathosian Cascades, because I already have the “Anywhere” dimension with that character, but I’m using that as storage space and I didn’t feel like moving everything around again. Also, “Anywhere” is just a flat empty space, so I would have to literally place everything in there myself. Mathosian Cascades, on the other hand, is a little valley with two lakes and lots of grass.

I removed the grass from the lower floor inside the building, but haven’t placed anything else yet. But I know that I want to put a library and the bedroom upstairs together with a small bathroom. The lower floor will be used for a small kitchen and then space for a long table with enough space for lots of guests. And she’ll have to have a stable nearby for her elephant. :p Unfortunately, Rift doesn’t let you put your mounts in your dimension. This would be awesome! But there are some stationary animated animals like a horse or even a cat (why there’s no corgi is a mystery…).

So we’ll see how far I will get with this dimension before I get bored or unmotivated and move on. On a more positive note, my main character, my cleric, has two dimensions that are both not finished, but good enough to not be called “work in progress” anymore. :) (Meffanda@Gelidra on EU servers in case anybody wants to check them out)