Back in Gloamwood


So here I was, ready to rant about how old zones in MMORPGs somehow always give me nostalgic feelings and how I almost always prefer some old zone over newer expansion ones when I felt like I had a deja-vu.

A quick google search confirmed my suspicion: I already ranted about this! Even worse, I already included Rift in that rant, so there’s really no need to do it all over again. :p

But eh, doesn’t hurt, right? ;) In this case, I have my little Primalist and I can’t wait to have her be all big… at maximum level, that is. She’s a dwarf, she’ll always be tiny. The thing is that the low-level content can be “by-passed” rather quickly with instant adventures now. You queue for them and then get teleported into open world zones with other players who also want to do instant adventures. You get quest chains and just follow them along. There isn’t much story, if any, but you are just asked to kill xx mobs, collect items, destroy something and so on. It is especially fast for the very old zones. Questing on rails, in a kind of way. Of course, those of us who loves alts have all probably been through the levelling process countless times, so why should we want to bother spending lots of time there now?


The problem in Rift is that I love these old zones but not so much the expansion ones. But the higher you get, the longer it takes to level. I wish it was like Guild Wars 2 where at a certain level, it always takes about the same time to level up. Anyway, my Primalist is at the right level for Gloamwood now and with the last few characters, I always used instant adventures to speed up the levelling process, so it’s been ages since I last visited that zone with a level-appropriate character. The atmosphere and the story of that zone is amazing! So, I will take my time, enjoy the zone – and then there’s still lots of levels left to go on instant adventures! :)