Late to the (PvP) party?

Trion hosted a PvP-focused Rift livestream on Friday* and I realized that I only played a handful of PvP games in Rift and that was years ago already. Thankfully, there is no open world PvP (there is a PvP server but I don’t play on that one). On the contrary, both factions can play together rather easily and even be in the same guild which is something that I really love. But the game features warfronts (instanced PvP like battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, scenarios in Warhammer Online, sPvP in Guild Wars 2) and this is something I really enjoyed doing back in World of Warcraft. In fact, there were times where I did nothing else in World of Warcraft. In Warhammer, I far enjoyed the open world RvR, but that’s a different story…

Anyway, I realized that I hardly ever play PvP in Rift and I am not sure why. It’s not the combat, at least. I really prefer the more action-oriented combat in Guild Wars 2 over the “slow and static” combat in Rift by now, but World of Warcraft and Rift are very similar in that aspect and it was never a hindrance in World of Warcraft.

I just had a look at low-level brackets in Rift for their warfronts, but it seemed as if nobody was playing it and that’s where I feel very intimidated: Should I just up and enter a warfront with my level 70 cleric without having any appropriate gear, build or experience while the majority of other players probably know exactly what they’re doing? I wouldn’t know where to walk or what to avoid doing and I’d feel like a burden on the others. I really hate the latter. I want to help and support my team, but I don’t want to be a burden.

So my main concern right now is how to dip my toes into Rift warfronts. Maybe I should try to hunt down videos or even people streaming Rift PvP? Or have a look at the forums to see what people are talking about (other than whining about class imbalance :p). I would also really like to heal in warfronts. So I guess I should also take a look at which class would be best for that. My main is a level 70 cleric, but I also have a level 65 warrior and mage. Since every class can heal in Rift, I do have some choices here – hopefully. Level 65-70 didn’t take too long, after all. My Primalist is only level 20 and I am not sure if there even are people playing low level warfronts. So yeah, time to do some research here and hopefully catch up a little with others who have years of experience playing warfronts.

*By the way: All warfronts are returning after they tried to “streamline” the experience by taking away some maps (May 3 is the tentative date)! Apparently, players complained about there being too many warfronts in the “random” rotation, but taking them away wasn’t the best solution since players missed the variety.