Rift: How to get your Rask pet

Rift_Rask companion pet front

Rift and Atlas Reactor started a new cross-promotion where you can get a Rask companion pet in Rift by playing Atlas Reactor. If you’ve never played Atlas Reactor, it’s very very easy: Play 5 games in Atlas Reactor. If you don’t like PvP, you can play against PvE enemies by clicking on “vs bots” and if you want to play completely solo, choose “vs bots” as well as “AI teammates”. So, your new furry friend can come to you without forcing you to play PvP! You can read about the cross-promotion either on the Rift website or on the Atlas Reactor website.

If you’ve already played Atlas Reactor, you will need to gain 5 season levels. This is quite a lot of games, especially if you play vs bots only. I didn’t count, but when I first estimated, I wasn’t too happy. If I had never played Atlas Reactor, I could have gotten Rask so fast! And for some weird reason, I hate feeling that I “have to play” for something else instead of feeling that I want to play the game because I feel like playing the game. Also, I find PvP very stressful. Not actually playing against other players, but having other players on my side as I want to perform well and don’t want to be a burden on others. I am also not a fan of having different requirements for new players vs. old players as I felt punished for being somebody who supported and played the game already before.

Either way, I started playing Atlas Reactor again a lot more to get that pet and while at first, I was very annoyed, after a while, the fun of Atlas Reactor got back into the focus! I have also found that I love playing Gremolitions Inc. as a freelancer. Bombs, bombs and more bombs! Also, the animations of the freelancer (they’re a duo, actually) are awesome! I also played a few PvP games – well, not that many. But the best was with Gremolitions Inc. as freelancer and with bookahnerk, his cousin and a friend on my team. You get more experience for playing PvP games, so it is a lot faster than PvE games! So actually, it only really “sucks” if you’re a PvE fan like me. :p

AtlasReactor Gremolitions Inc

I logged back into Atlas Reactor just now thinking that I’d play a couple of games to get closer to my 5 season levels, but after two quick PvE games, I suddenly got the pop-up that I’ve earned my Rask. Finally!

So here he is. Rask, the companion pet that is actually not much smaller than my character in Rift. And while I started being annoyed at having to play for five levels, I don’t think I will quit Atlas Reactor any time soon. :p I guess that also means the cross-promotion works even for people like me who played Atlas Reactor already, as I fell in love again with the game. ;)