Rift Dimensions: Tree House in Moonshade Pools

For months, I’ve been dreaming about making a tree house for my elf (Kelari, actually) rogue in Rift. I had chosen the Stone Grove already, but something didn’t “click”. It has a huge big tree in the middle and is just asking for a tree house to be built. Yet, nothing happened. I started by placing a few planks just so I could reach the higher areas and start building the house up there. Rift lets you move the camera freely in building mode if you want, but I still prefer moving my character close to where I’m building, because I like to view things from my character’s point of view when building. It’s easier to navigate sometimes.

Stone Grove – not my elf’s tree, after all

I decided that maybe it’s not the idea that’s the issue here, but it’s the wrong dimension. Yes, it has a huge tree, but that also means that no matter what, this is the tree I have to work with! So, I headed to the Rift Dimension Gallery and had a look at the different dimensions that are available (I would actually very much love for Trion to implement a way to preview empty dimensions in the game!). In the end, I decided to get the Moonshade Pools. I like the general look and it has a plateau where there is no grass on the floor. Perfect to place huge trees that obviously take away the sun, so grass wouldn’t grow there. And from high up there, the view is great! So, which elf wouldn’t place a tree house there?

Looking back at the blog post about the Stone Grove dimension, I see that I mentioned that I always prefer having water and if you look at the screenshots, Moonshade Pools has exactly that! Stone Grove has a small pond, but that’s not really comparable. The water area is not going to be the focus of my dimension, but the view will have it, at least, and I’m sure it will look spectacular!

What do you think?

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