Different game, same problem…

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Lava Whip

The last thing I wrote about Elder Scrolls Online was the complaint about the importance of race when choosing a class. I have gotten used to it now – I am still not a big fan of that system, though. But now the next problem emerges: I was happily playing my orc stamina sorcerer and it was entertaining. The game is beautiful, the stories in the quests are interesting, the voice over is great and I have also finally found the subtitles setting (first thing in “Audio” while I was looking for subtitles in “Interface”). Not because I don’t understand English well enough, but because I enjoy watching a stream or a film when gaming in the evening after a long day at work.

And then I made the mistake to remind myself that there are more classes than the sorcerer. It ended up being: Do I want to play the sorcerer or rather the dragonknight?

As bookahnerk made his first steps in ESO (we had both gotten the game when it released, but never really got into playing it), I decided to accompany him with the dark elf (dunmer) dragonknight I had created.

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Lava Whip

My sorcerer was nice. Combat was good. But look at this picture! My Dragonknight has some spiky armor coming out of her body and uses a lava whip to attack! How cool is that? It’s always amazing how such little simple things can change the way I look at a game and my enjoyment.

After taking her out for a few quests, I am pretty certain that I want to play her instead of the sorcerer! Well, for now, at least… My track record in Guild Wars 2 doesn’t exactly prove my determination… (mesmer in April 2012, after a brief switch to the warrior, mesmer again in February 2013, warrior in August 2013, mesmer in August 2015 – and currently, I am almost exclusively playing my warrior again).


  1. I too am an altoholic in every game I play. Right now I am also playing Elder Scrolls online but playing a Templar and really enjoying it but In the back of my mind I am questioning whether to start a Nightblade or sorcerer. Seems like I am always thinking that maybe a different class would be more fun. I usually go Mage or sorcerer but felt like trying pally\templar build this time out though my character is morphing into a battlemage more than anything else with all the heavy armor I have.
    I always felt that Rift had one of the best class systems as I could use the same character and change up the class pretty dramatically instead of having to start a new character. Guildwars 2 also has a nice system though it seems more limited than Rift


    1. Back when I first started playing MMOs (with World of Warcraft), I was a fan of spellcasters. Melee classes seemed too complicated to me (as in: I needed to be much more aware of my surroundings than when I was at range). With Warhammer Online, I played a blackorc during beta, because I didn’t want to spoil the fun of exploring the shaman with launch. It turned out that I actually loved playing melee! Since then, my favourite playstyle is melee – preferrably dual-wielding, sword and shield or a staff (I really wish there were more melee staff classes in MMOs!), but they always needed some utility spells etc. to add to that mix or it’d get boring quickly.

      I started with a templar when I first tried ESO, but didn’t touch her when I returned. I wanted to start completely new.

      I agree, Rift is very versatile. Every class can play every role. But there are still enough differences that make me question the choice of cleric. :p


  2. I loved Warhammer Online, its ashamed they killed it. I almost always start out as mage as I like ranged spells best but In GW2 my favorite is my warrior, though I do have top level elementalist as well. There is a new MMO in the works that looks amazing. Its called Chronicles of Elyria. I am keeping an eye on that one right now


    1. Yeah, as much as I hated so many things (mostly bugs and bad performance even on my then freshly bought PC), I still really miss this game! I spent all my time in there doing RvR. <3

      I usually get annoyed when casting only spells sooner or later and just want to stab things at some point. :p So a hybrid is much better – like the mesmer. Still, my main is the warrior in there (again… ;) ).

      I've not heard of Chronicles of Elyria, I think. I'll check it out. :)


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