Humble Freedom Bundle

super hexagon 2 seconds in

Not too long ago, I thought about donating money again as I usually do – well, often around Christmas as that’s the time that organizations advertise the most and this reminds me that I want to donate. :p But for some reason, I forgot this year. And then I saw the Humble Freedom Bundle. “Doctors without borders” is the organization that I thought about supporting. Perfect timing! Now I could donate money and get something in return!

There are too many games in this bundle to list them all here. Stardew Valley has been on my wishlist for quite some time already, though. There are also some ebooks of which “R in a nutshell” had caught my attention.

I spent maybe twenty minutes in Stardew Valley yesterday and before I launched the game for the first time, I was certain I’d be lost and playing it for hours. But… I got bored within a few minutes. It feels too much like a Facebook game to me. Now this may not do the game justice, I know that, but that was my first impression. We’ll see if I give the game a second chance. But in the meantime, there are so many other new games… most of which actually interest me even less. Still, it doesn’t feel like wasted money, because it’s money I would have otherwise spent without getting anything.

Several of the games are puzzle games which never “interest” me in the way that I don’t usually go and buy them on purpose (with a few rare exceptions). But if I’m in the right mood, I actually do enjoy puzzle games once in a while. World of Goo, for example, is a game I really liked! I have it on my tablet, though, so it’s not a new game for me.

super hexagon 2 seconds in

I also tried Super Hexagon and got to 9:22 – seconds, I might add. 9 seconds! Then it’s game over. Every single time. IF I last that long. Maybe I should try again when I’m not that tired.

I think I’ll just go read a book now. ;)