Rift Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win 2 Racing Snail mounts!

Update (Feb 14): This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winners Loverboy, Moiran, Jason, LL, Latextussi, Pilzsucher, Norman J Miller, Kaiodan, Hagrid & zyngor! Expect the codes via email within the next day.

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and we’re giving away 10 x 2 codes for the Racing Snail mount!

Rift Racing Snail Mount with heart

Yes, that’s right: Every winner will receive 2 codes. One for yourself, and one to give away to somebody else – your partner, friend, guild mate etc. Of course, you may also give away both codes to friends if you already have the mount. :p There is just one condition: Do not under any circumstances sell these codes! They are meant to be given away for free!

Entering the giveaway is simple: Read our general giveaway rules before commenting. Then leave the keyword “Valentine’s Day” in your comment to this post here.

To be on time, the giveaway is open for just two days! It will close on February 14, 2017, at 9pm German time. Winners will be drawn as soon as possible after the deadline. Real life may happen, so please allow me some time to get the codes to you. :)

Please note that these codes will expire February 28, 2017. When you win a code, please make sure to redeem it at the Trion website before that deadline!


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day

    Can I Have My 2 Codes For The Racing Snail Mount Pls


      1. Yeah, but this is a giveaway where the winners will be drawn after the stated deadline. So no matter when you participate before the deadline, everybody has the same chance of winning.

        Good luck! :)


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! And thanks for your articles, I enjoy reading them!


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