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Starfall Prophecy, the latest Rift expansion, released on November 16. There has been some controversy about this expansion. The raid will not be released until later, but this was actually announced long before the expansion was released. After the expansion’s launch, however, some features had to be disabled. Some of them have been enabled again, but the fortress sieges are still not there. They are on the public test realm now, though, so I guess we’ll get to see them on live soon!

Additionally, there are apparently not enough quests to reach level 70 if all you do is quest. For me, the main content in MMOs when levelling should be the quests (and dungeons, but not having to grind them repeatedly). I also remember one expansion in Lotro not having enough quests. It was annoying and felt like the developers had either run out of time or out of ideas. That case had been worse, though, as Turbine had first announced that there would be 5 more levels and then they had said that because they had so much content, they had decided to switch to 10 more levels – only for players to run out of quests to do before getting these 10 levels. In general, I can only repeat myself from what I said about Lotro’s expansion: I do not like this at all. Not even because I don’t want to do dungeons or anything else other than questing, but because when I look at my alts, I know it’s just much more fun to have quests to choose from instead of having to do each and every one on every single character just to reach max. level with them. It gets repetitive and boring fast. A new powerleveling guide was just released and that one mentions the issue with not enough experience from quests as well.

rift meffanda cleric hitting level 70

I guess I am lucky that I am a slow leveler. I think I should fall into the “average” range of people with a busy life and not that much time to devote to gaming. When I read about there not being enough quests, I thankfully also saw the suggestion to do crafting dailies. As I could not actively play every day, I at least did these dailies regularly. I was amazed to see that the 5 quests I can do with my crafting professions led to a huge increase of XP (it was between 6 – 15 % depending on which level my cleric had – a bigger increase at the lower levels – and whether I had a bonus to XP gain activated). This actually leaves me with a whole lot of questing content untouched and I am currently trying to decide whether to take my mage or my warrior through the new content.

However, even though I am complaining here, I still really like Rift and bought a year of Patron time with their recent sale going on. Unfortunately, I was not awarded the amount of loyalty I should have received with my purchase. I did as was suggested on the forums and sent in a support ticket. I may be spoiled from World of Warcraft, but waiting several days seemed very very long. And then their reply was that I was awarded the correct amount of loyalty. I told them my purchase number for the patron time as well as screenshots which I had taken before and after the purchases (pure luck here! ^^) and one of these did the trick and I received my loyalty. In their defence, once you are at the top of the queue, replies are very fast and from the time I sent in the purchase number and the screenshots to when I received my loyalty, I think I had actually only made myself some coffee and oatmeal for breakfast. :p Bugs can happen and as long as they get sorted out, I’m happy.

Now on to something more positive about Rift: I did enjoy the quests I’ve seen, even though they once again seem very weird. Probably less so if you’re used to Rift and its lore. The new regions are beautiful to look at! And without doing much at all during Rift’s Yulefest, I got to exchange the yulefest currency for a new mount and a new dimension. I also got quite some nice rewards from the 4h minion missions after they reduced the amount of Aventurine one can hoard to rush through these missions once a special event is going on. I think I’m at three new companion pets! Additionally, when I saw that Rift was part of the Steam winter sale (and they match the price on Steam in their own store as well), I wanted to see if they also offered the upgrade to Starfall Prophecy’s Deluxe Edition with a discount. Instead, I found that the upgrade was removed completely. A short internet search revealed that Trion announced the upgrade to go on sale at some point in January. I can only assume that this is the reason why it’s removed right now as to avoid all of us buying it without the discount? If that is the case: Neat! If not: Still convenient. :p Now I only need to decide whether I really want that dragon mount or not. It can’t fly, it just looks awesome. But I did spend quite a lot of money on Rift already and I’m not sure I want to give them even more money at this point… especially since I have a lot of awesome mounts already.


  1. Good write-up. Personally I found plenty of quests to level to 70 prior to completing all the story missions IF you undertook carnage quests at the same time. I found that Scatherran Forest, Gedlo Badlands & the start of Xarth Mire levelled me to 70 (without crafting). So, if you’re not a crafter, you can level to 70 very easily even prior to entering Ashenfall :) Thanks for write-ups like this, they’re really useful to read. Happy New Year :)


    1. I’ve done all the carnage quests as well as the story quests in the first area and that probably would have gotten me to level 66 on its own? It’s hard to say, as I started adding crafting dailies pretty quickly.

      But I trust what others wrote and will instead rely on the mixture of questing + crafting to get a more interesting leveling experience for my alts. :p

      Happy New Year to you as well and thanks for the compliment!


  2. I actually really adored playing Rift again. Hit 49, but wasn’t willing to invest money in something that wasn’t going to keep me long-term.

    To be honest, I really hope that small changes to this expansion will make people a lot happier, and will offer more that people can do to help them level. Frankly, I used to love the idea of expansions coming out in these kinds of MMOs.

    I’d love to see Trion make better changes to help with the F2P model and seem less greedy with their prices, while being able to invite more people in to play. Sadly, I think the dating of the game makes it impossible.

    But man, do I still love the game when I play it. Absolutely love it.


    1. Yeah, with 49, there’s plenty of free stuff left as the “wall” only appears when you hit 65.

      For me, in the end, leveling and questing is actually just a tiny part. I spend most of my time lurking around the auction house and in my dimension building things. :p

      It’s currently my main MMO. The combat is very dated, but everything else is great for me. I love the graphics, but the dimension system is what keeps me coming back. :)


  3. Thanks for an excellent write-up. I found most of the SP stuff to be rehashes of previoous images….{sigh} although I do love the frogs that grab you with their tongues too funny. Wish the portals were actually next to the marked roads as they are difficult to find in some areas. Having no problem leveling with quests now that they have the Planar dailies (I have always liked the group stuff in rift no invite necessary you just jump in where you want to).


    1. I’ve not been “out there” recently as I was too busy with real life stuff to even play properly. But yeah, being able to do group stuff this easily is what I love in MMOs (if they have a feature like that) and Rift does it very well, I think. :)


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