Christmas loot

Christmas usually means getting presents – and giving them, too, of course! We’re also having our anniversary of getting together in December, so at least some of these presents are gaming-related. I’m not the “stereotypical woman” who drools over getting jewellery, so receiving something gaming-related really is what I prefer. :p

On our anniversary, I got an expansion for a board game, Aventuria. Due to a serious lack of time, we haven’t played that game much yet, but I really wanted that expansion anyway! In case you want to know more about the game, here is the link to their recent Kickstarter campaign where they asked for backers, so they can translate the game to English. I love that you can play it cooperatively and against each other. We only tried out playing against each other, so playing the campaigns is something we’re planning to do very soon! It is part of the pen & paper roleplaying world, The Dark Eye, which we both enjoy playing as well.

The second gift will have to wait some time longer as Urban Empire will only be released on January 20. I’d been watching this game closely, but with all the other games I have and the time my job demands, I just wasn’t sure whether I really wanted to get it now or wait for a sale around Easter or in summer or something like that. But Bookahnerk had seen my basically drool every time I saw a stream or read some news piece about the game and so he decided I should really get this game when it comes out. It’s only one more month, after all.

Other than that, we got some money, but we’re probably spending it on something related to our wedding next year.

Now this doesn’t look like much gaming-related loot. But there is the Steam sale going on and of course, I couldn’t resist getting some stuff for myself. Neither could bookahnerk. He chose to finally get Witcher 3, Insurgency and Darkest Dungeon. I got the Sherlock Holmes collection after buying Devil’s Daughter earlier this month (luckily, as while this game is on sale again now, it’s not as cheap as it was at that point). So now I can slowly play through all of them.

Civ VI multiplayer game as France

And right now, we’re playing Civilization VI together. We don’t get much “together-time” for playing games, because I am usually much too tired for that in the evenings. So having the holidays is something we always use to play some games together – be it at the PC or with board games.