Giving Skyrim another chance

It’s been years since I last played Skyrim. While I generally like being able to use mods for a game, I don’t really like having to rely on them to enjoy playing. The way I’m using my PC, I absolutely need a windowed mode when playing a game and I cannot stand the regular non-windowed mode. On top of that, there was some bad mouse lagging in Skyrim and no matter what I did, I could not fix it. The Special Edition does not seem to have this issue anymore, so hurrah for that! And the game now has a borderless windowed mode which does not work exactly as I would imagine, but it’s good enough to at least give Skyrim another chance. When I am in the game and want to e. g., switch to my browser, I have to click with an invisible mouse hoping that the mouse is actually outside of the game. Otherwise, I just attack whatever is standing in front of me… oops. So, this mode still isn’t working too well, but I think I can handle it (opening settings before switching out, for example).

My main problem – as always – was trying to figure out what kind of character I would want to play now. I considered re-creating my lizardlady that I had when I first started playing Skyrim, but I wanted to start “fresh” with a different character. I am not a fan of elves, so those were out immediately. That left the cat-like race, the orc and the zillion different human kinds. I finally chose a redguard and started playing her. I figured playing something more “like me” (at least, more like me than a cat or a lizard :p) would be easier to roleplay. But as soon as I started, I knew it was a mistake. All I could think of was: She’s missing something in her face… like… teeth. Sharp pointy little teeth like the orc lady I had considered choosing during character creation.

skyrim female orc character

So yeah, I now have an orc lady! I mostly see her from behind anyway, but knowing she’s not a regular boring human is good enough for me already. I guess I should add “boring humans” to the elves above. No boring elves or humans for me!

The next question is what kind of playstyle I want, although I chose sword and shield for the time being – I’m still at the beginning of the game – because it’s often the easy and carefree playstyle. Perfect when I want to concentrate on the actual world and not having to try to stay alive in fights. So I am all set now, I guess, and can finally go on my adventure – while perfectly ignoring all the other issues I had with the game years ago. Now that I know what to expect from the game, I am sure I will not be disappointed anymore. :)


  1. Oh, I didn’t realize the Special Edition is there now (too occupied with other things, I guess…). Thanks for the reminder, I will definitely have to give Skyrim another try as well. I never even managed to play through the main story!

    Cool that you’re playing an Orc lady! I’ll have to think about what to play as well, also playstyle wise. Like you, I kind of like everything, and in a perfect world I would just approach a fight in whatever way I feel like. But in Skyrim it really pays off to min max; I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to play through the more difficult encounters otherwise.


    1. It’s also a bit intimidating. If I make a mistake when levelling up my character, I fear I could make it impossible to continue playing and that’s not a nice thought. :(


  2. Altmer = High Elf
    Bosmer = Wood Elf
    Dunmer = Dark Elf
    Orsimer = Orc

    Mer = elf

    That’s right. Orcs are an elven race in Skyrim. You got hoodwinked! ;-)

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    1. I know that, actually. :p But they don’t *look* like elves and don’t act like them… the stereotypical ones, at least. So all’s good. ;)


      1. The cannibalistic carnivorous Bosmer don’t really act like your typical vegan, dance-in-the-moonlit fairy-rings either….. though they are superlative archers…..

        Altmer tend to be the more stereotypical “haughty, magic-using” ones. And yeah, I tend to have a problem playing as them. I’ll go with a Breton if I’m a magic user, thank you very much!


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