Win 1 of 3 Radar Corgi codes

Rift Radar Corgi companion and Racing snail mount

(Update: All codes are gone!)

We still have three codes for Radar Corgi companions for Rift left from our September code stash. Those poor little guys are looking for a loving home!

These codes will expire on Monday, October 3. As that is less than a week away, we’re having a “more casual” giveaway with fewer rules: It’s “first come, first serve. One code per person only.”

You only need to leave a comment saying that you want that radar corgi companion (so we know that it’s a legitimate person and not a regular spam comment :p). Once those three codes are gone (or it’s October 3), the giveaway will be closed… obviously, since there are no codes left then. ;)


  1. Heh Norman :) I’d like one, but I have won before so I will pass if you run out of the codes. :)


    1. We’ve just run out. So thank you for passing! :)

      We will get new codes next month, though. I assume we’ll get more corgis then. So you’re more than welcome to participate again! <3


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