Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters (Blaugust Post 16)

A few days ago, I had seen that Cities Skylines will get another expansion and that they planned to announce it at gamescom. On Wednesday evening while chatting with bookahnerk, I said to him: “I am interested, but nothing more. As much as I like the game, it just can’t keep me playing. I guess what I’m missing is something like disasters to keep me on my toes.”

When the announcement started on Twitch, I was watching it and was really hoping that it would be something I would like, at least (After Dark was great, Snowfall wasn’t if you ask me). However, they managed to exceed my expectations as they will apparently deliver exactly what I wanted!

The expansion/DLC will release at some point “in winter”. Boo to that! I really wish I could get my hands on it now. Or at least see some more. They did not have anything to show other than this trailer.

One thing they said got me really excited as well: The “disaster editor” will be free for everybody. So modders can create scenarios for us to play! And old save games will work with Natural Disasters as well, so you can now build the perfect city that you want to play with disasters once it’s launched. :) Not much else is known at the moment, I think. At least, there is no price tag to it yet and no definite release date other than “in winter”. But at least, there is a Steam website for it already.

So, I went from “I want to know what the DLC will be, but I will probably not buy it” to “OMG! GIEF NOW!” within only a couple of hours. :)