Sometimes it’s the little things… (Blaugust Post 13)

I already wrote about ArenaNet adding the possibility to name all your ranger’s pets instead of just the 2 to 4 active ones. It may be a little change, especially for someone like me who rarely ever even plays ranger, but it’s still one thing that stands out for me from their last update!

Another thing was just added by Trion. They have their own game launcher. For some, a nuisance, but I actually like it. I play Defiance, Rift, Atlas Reactor and Trove. So it’s nice that I log in there once and can then just choose the game I want to play without having to re-enter my password all the time! On top of that, they have now added the functionality to switch between several accounts: You log in with your first account, then click on “add account”, log in with another one and can then just switch by clicking the drop-down menu.

Trion Glyph Launcher

I also quite like the display names they gave me. That is, obviously, I chose “Paeroka” myself. But #8788 and #1110? That’s neat! Still, I hardly ever use my second account. So in theory, it doesn’t really matter much for me. But I like that I can switch between these accounts easily if I want to! My second account is mostly used to test their games with an account that hasn’t bought/unlocked much. The “true” free to play-experience, so to say.

Now I really wish ArenaNet added that feature as well. I do actually log into my second account there every day. I want the login rewards! Hmm… come to think of it, I should probably also log in with my second Rift account to grab these login rewards as well. :p Somehow, this never occurred to me until now.