Action RPGs and me (Blaugust Post 12)

I finally finished playing Torchlight 2 not too long ago. In general, I really liked the game. The pets are cute, but useful, although mostly to send them off sell your found items and bring back more health potions. The story was okay, the settings were great and the bosses were really well done! There was only one thing I did not like and that is the classes. Yeah, in a game where the focus is on fighting a ton of mobs, this is kind of bad, isn’t it? I sticked with the Embermage as it seemed to be the most interesting class, but I did get bored with it pretty soon.


Next up in my Action RGP gaming backlog is Van Helsing: Final Cut. I have just finished chapter 2 and if I understood it correctly, there are 9 chapters in total (or was it 12?). So there is still quite a lot ahead of me. I chose the Protector class and more or less force myself to stick with this game for now. The gameplay itself is great, the story is interesting and I love the ghost, Katharina. I just cannot warm up to any of the game’s classes. Other than the Protector, there is the Elementalist which is basically a mage. After playing a mage in Torchlight 2, I really want something else. Then there’s the Bounty Hunter, Umbralist, Phlogistoneer and Constructor. If there is one thing to say about the game’s classes it’s that they are not your traditional fantasy/steampunk classes – or class names, at the very least! Still, I did not really love playing any of these classes. Some classes have a cooldown on their main attack which is something I really cannot stand in an Action RPG which is why I chose the Protector now. Standard sword and shield and on the right-mouse button, I have a skill to rush into enemies.

Grim Dawn Shaman

In Diablo 3, my problem was the opposite. I liked too many classes and could not choose which one I actually wanted to play. So I would really like to replay the with another class soon. I also actually never got far in Diablo 2 and want to do that at some point. And there is also Victor Vran that I’ve only played the first tutorial mission or so. There was something with jumping up walls etc. which made the game very interesting, but I figured I should first finish Van Helsing before I really get into Victor Vran. Last but not least, Path of Exile is also pretty great – or so I’ve heard, as I never got far there either.

As you can see, I have lots of Action RPGs to play, right? There is no need at all to get another one to add to my already long list of these games. I told myself that and yet, somehow, Grim Dawn sneaked into my Steam library. I don’t even know how that happened! I must have miss-clicked when I looked at the game (hey, miss-clicks happen! Ask a certain German politician… :p). What sold me here was the classes. I chose Shaman now, but I’m not too far into the game, so I don’t know how good or bad this choice will be. But from the available classes, you can choose a second one. That reminds me of the good old Guild Wars. I haven’t yet made my choice on what second class I want to get. But as I said, there are a lot of other games and I really want to focus on Van Helsing first before diving into Grim Dawn. I guess the other games will just have to wait a bit more… And yes, I do realize that I have a problem and a very weak willpower when it comes to resisting these games… ;)