Quality of Life changes in Wildstar (Blaugust Post 11)

Carbine made a list of the top 10 Quality of Life changes that they will take a look at. I can see two that stand out for me already:

  1. Account-wide Toy Box
  2. Auction House and Commodities Exchange UI Improvements

In Wildstar, there are toys which are reusable little gimmicks, basically. Sparkling spurs, for example. These toys are definitely not necessary, but nice to look at or play with. The problem with them is that you need to store them somewhere. Some – or all? – are also bound to your character which means that every character has them in their inventory or in their bank. As much as I like having these toys, I do not use them that often that I really like the idea of having them fill my inventory. If they were like the pets or the mounts, it would be perfect: You unlock them with a character and can then click on a drop down menu to choose one. At least, the mounts work that way. For the non-combat pets, you unlock them, too, and then there is a mod that you can install which gives you such a drop down menu. Without the menu, you can still click somewhere in the interface. In any case, neither mounts nor pets clutter your inventory.

And then there is “Auction House and Commodities Exchange UI Improvements” – Those two features could really need a make-over. The functions themselves are pretty nice. For example, it warns you if you want to put something up for sale that’s less than you would get when you sold it directly to an NPC (also calculating in the AH fees and tax). However, every time I put something up for sale in the commodities exchange window, it scrolls back up to the very top again. I usually sell things sporadically, so there’s a lot of different items that I want to put up for sale. Having to find where I was in the list and scrolling to that spot again can be a bit annoying. I usually don’t want to sell just everything and try to keep the things I may need for my own crafting professions. And I skip those items that are only worth the vendor price. So sometimes, there is more scrolling than anything else. I would at least hope that “UI improvements” would cover this and make it all a bit less cluttered while keeping the functionality, because that one is cool.

Wildstar Commodities Exchange UI window

One thing I would really love to see – not just in Wildstar, but also in Guild Wars 2 – would be a little box to tick “only show useable”. Rift has this and it is so convenient when you’re looking for something you have not yet unlocked. For example, armor and weapon skins or dyes in Guild Wars 2. I just really don’t like having to scroll through everything and look at each tooltip or keeping an external list of items I still need.

What do you think?

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