Adding new hobbies (Blaugust Post 9)

…and then she was gone.

I did quite well with Blaugust and then decided to take a few days off. I have several drafts with ideas on what to blog about, but I just didn’t feel like blogging at all recently. The reason is pretty simple: I started a new hobby. Starting anything new is always so exciting for me that I usually neglect everything else.

Sewing project: BagBookahnerk is not here for two weeks. On Monday, after work, I went downtown and then decided that I should find something to keep me occupied because I’d probably feel lonely otherwise. ;) Ever since I got my mum’s old sewing machine, I had thought: Hey, one day I want to try this thing! – Can’t be too difficult, right? As it turns out, it is far from easy. I thought the hardest part would be to get the thing running properly, but after getting some dust out of the machine, that wasn’t the problem. Of course, finding a manual was more a problem since this machine is so old, you cannot even find a PDF manual online. I only found one for a similar machine. Either way, I did get it to work. But I can’t even draw a straight line let alone sew a straight seam.

For the very first item I ever made with a sewing machine, this bag actually turned out really good! But you can see the awful seams up there… Some other things also went wrong, but not all of them can be seen. And it is a fully functional little bag.

I now bought more cloth and will try to make another bag, but in a bigger size as this one is rather small and thus, not too useful. However, I am mainly updating you all about this, because it is Blaugust and I told myself to publish 31 blog posts. But that was before this new hobby appeared and now I will have to see how I can fit gaming, blogging and sewing into my evenings. :)

Don’t worry, though. This blog will neither become a cooking/baking nor a sewing projects blog! The focus will turn back to gaming with the next post.

What do you think?

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