Having fun with naming pets (Blaugust Post 8)

GW2_Pet InterfaceWith the recent patch, Guild Wars 2 finally allows its players to choose names for their pets that stick. Previously, you could name your pets, but only your two active ones (only counting the terrestrial ones now as I really don’t care for the underwater ones) had  kept their names. As soon as you switched one of those two with another pet from your arsenal, the one getting “deactivated” lost its name. When you next decided to activate and use it again, the name would be gone.

Since I hardly ever play ranger, I just kept my two Moas and they had their names, but it wasn’t that much fun. I need my pets to have names so I can properly get attached to them just like a good little ranger player should! I fondly remember Grifo, my hunter’s raptor back in World of Warcraft. It had felt like such an accomplishment to get him at that young level – only to find that there are tons of raptors later on in the game that I could have tamed if I had only waited a bit more. In World of Warcraft, pets also grow when they level with you – or they used to do that. I am not sure that feature is still in. I was very attached to him and hardly ever switched my raptor with anything else! Sadly, there are no raptors to play with in Guild Wars 2.

WoW_Hunter Raptor Pet and Mount

The level of attachment is very different in Guild Wars 2, but as soon as I chose a name for one, the attachment grows.  I went for my usual names so far: Bjarni for my cat, Abraxas for my raven and Foxi for my wolf. Abraxas is the name of the raven in one of my childhood’s favourite books “Die Kleine Hexe“. “Bjarni” is a character from Cultures (a PC game), but the name actually means “bear“. I found it funny at some point to call a feline “bear” and it’s sticked with me ever since. Then I figured I could go with “Foxi” for the wolf.

GW2_Raven Abraxas

What I really wish now would be the possibility to see the names of the pets instead of having “juvenile raven” as its name when it’s not active. It makes finding those who still need a name much more difficult! So far, eight of my 40 (terrestrial) pets (I still need to catch the newest ones) have names. I just really don’t know why my spider is called “Debbie”. The thing is that it always takes me time to come up with good and fitting names that I like. So there is always a reason and I just have no idea about “Debbie”… This will haunt me into my dreams tonight. :p

What do you think?

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