The winners of our Big “Trion Worlds Games” Giveaway (Blaugust Post 7)

(Update: We’ve added three more winners for Archeage and Devilian!)

As always, I’ve checked the list of comments twice – actually, three times, because I always check again after rolling for the winners. Those of you who made double posts: Don’t worry. I counted your comment only once, of course, but it’s no problem that it happened. The first time you comment in our blog, it has to be manually approved by me, so it takes a bit until it shows up. :)

Either way, you’re not here to read about how spam protection works with WordPress, you want to know if you’ve won, right? I’ll present the list of winners below. Congratulations to everybody! I’ll be emailing you your codes in a bit.

Also, if you participated for Rift: Make sure to keep an eye on this blog as we will probably be getting more codes in the future for Rift-related giveaways!

ArcheAge Skywhisper Glider & Oathbound Plate – Humberto Flores and Rory Joseph

Atlas Reactor: Gray’s Citadel Style – Malcolm and Charlie

Defiance: APS Envoy Outfit and Headgear & Blue/Red Challenger Vehicle – Kerry and myriftblog

Devilian: Shimmering Devil Wings – Mörkö and Just Talön

Trove: Streamer Dream Box – zyngor 

RIFT: Community Racing Snail – Coco and Malcolm

RIFT: Radar Corgi Pet – Jpo and Melody/Krissy

Update: Mikkell wins a Skywhisper Glider for Archeage, Lherana wins the Oathbound Plate for Archeage and Chris Szablewski wins the Shimmering Devil Wings for Devilian.

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