Rift: Starfall Prophecy’s Launch Date speculation (Blaugust Post 5)

(Update: The expansion will launch on November 16!) While the next expansion for Rift “Starfall Prophecy” has been announced yesterday and pre-purchases are live, we do not know a launch day yet. But we did get some kind of estimation. Since bookahnerk and I just did some counting, I figured I would share it here, so others can save that time. :p

Rift_Starfall Prophecy Token rewards

Here is what we know so far:

In order to get all three rewards, you will need 85 tokens and thus, it takes 85 days to get those tokens. Counting 85 days into the future puts us at October 27, but that is without the “little cushion” they mentioned. This is pure guessing, of course, but I would say 5 days as cushion. Mostly because “90” is a nice number to remember. :p This would move the possible launch date to November 1. And we know it won’t be close to Christmas and definitely before December 20.

In other words, we know it will be between October 27 and December 19. But my guess is that the expansion will launch in November, maybe in the first week of December, even though I don’t think they want to get into December as people’s minds are halfway in Christmas holidays already. At the same time, planning for November means that they do have a little bit of time left to “postpone” the launch in case something goes wrong and they need more development time than anticipated.

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