Raspberry-vanilla cheesecake (Blaugust Post 4)

Some of you may know that on a certain day every year, this blog turns into a cooking & baking blog (and switches back to being a gaming blog right afterwards). One of the recipes I posted was the Tiramisu cheesecake. The downside of this (very very delicious cake) is that it contains caffeine. Of course, one could theoretically use decaffeinated coffee for it, but something like this doesn’t come into my house. So we tried to find an alternative.

Said alternative has to be tested, of course. And since Tilion came to stay with us with a friend as part of their three-week journey through Europe, we decided to test-bake the cake. I also promised a friend to hand out the recipe should the cake be any good. So here you go, I am sharing our recipe with all of you, so you can try it yourself if you want to.Raspberry-vanilla cheesecake_7

As I’m not sure how the measurements work in the USA, here’s a conversion chart that looked quite helpful.

You’ll need:
– Ladyfingers (I usually need about 14)
– ground vanilla (I have a little package containing 5 grams)
– 500 grams raspberries
– 100 + 10 grams of sugar
– 400 grams of cream cheese
– 350 grams of mascarpone
– 3 eggs
– optional: white chocolate

Pre-heat the oven (140°C with a convection oven/fan oven – that’s 284°F).

Prepare the raspberries. We used frozen ones, so we carefully warmed them up in a cooking pot. The raspberries should not start to boil! Stir the raspberries and add some sugar (that’s the 10 g of sugar referred to above). You can use more or less or no sugar at all depending on your taste. Just don’t forget that the ladyfingers and the cream are both sweet as well. Once the raspberries are warmed up, purée them. You want them to be more or less liquid. As the last step, get a sieve and pour the raspberry sauce through it. You don’t want the seeds for the cake, only the liquid!

Square baking pans are preferable for this cake, because it is easier to place the ladyfingers. I usually use my springform pan, though. It’s a bit more “work” but the end result is still good. Cover the base with some baking paper. Then put the ladyfingers into the baking pan, so that the ground is fully covered. If it doesn’t fit well (as is the case with the round pan), crumble the ladyfingers into the holes.

Now pour the raspberry sauce over the ladyfingers until they are completely covered. The amount of raspberry sauce you’ll need also depends on how big your baking pan is. In our case, we used about 400 g of raspberries. The rest of the sauce was consumed by bookahnerk. ;)

Here you can see the biggest difference compared to the tiramisu cheesecake. With the tiramisu version, you pour coffee on the ladyfingers which gets soaked up by them within a few seconds. The raspberry sauce is much thicker and won’t get soaked in as easily or at all. However, this also depends on the brand of ladyfingers. We have seen very different “behaviours” even with the coffee version. It is best to wait a bit longer before adding the cream on top to make sure that the ladyfingers and the raspberry sauce had some time to get comfortable with each other. ;) One could probably also just use raspberry juice instead of the raspberry sauce, but the taste would certainly not be as great as it is with the raspberry sauce!

Mix the cream cheese, the mascarpone, the eggs, the ground vanilla and the sugar. Stir until it’s without lumps. This can take a few minutes and that’s fine. Take your time with it. Then pour that mix over the raspberry sauce. Do this slowly and carefully, so the mix actually ends up on top of the raspberry sauce and doesn’t completely mix with it.

Put the baking pan into the oven for 60 minutes. Take it out if it’s getting too dark! But since there is a lot of liquid in it, it will probably needs those 60 minutes. Leave it to cool for about an hour at least. As one last step: Sprinkle some white chocolate on top of the cake before serving it. This is completely optional, though.

Before serving, it should have been in the fridge, just so the two layers of sauce can get “stiff”, but do not serve it right out of the fridge. Instead, the cake should be slightly below room temperature.

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