Being broke again in Rift (Blaugust Post 3)

I had so much platinum in Rift and didn’t know what to do with it. Thankfully, Trion knew how to fix this! They added several artifact collections and artifact pinatas with the Summerfest. All over the world, artifact pinatas would spawn. After destroying them, you could pick up a few artifacts which belonged to those artifact collections. Completing one gave you an artifact pinata for your dimension. They can’t be hit or destroyed, but they are really shiny (just like the “original” artifacts in the game – little hidden shiny pieces that spawn in random places in the world which you can pick up and add to your collections for other rewards).

Once you finish all those artifact collections, you get an achievement which gives you this shiny artifact pinata as a non-combat pet (companion). Since I’ve loved the artifacts from the first time I ever saw one in the game, I just had to have this pet! Unfortunately, some of the artifacts you need are pretty rare and I didn’t have enough time to go and hit all those artifact pinatas hoping to catch the rare ones. So, I did what rich players do: I bought them off the auction house. This left me with almost no money.

Rift Dimension items Artifact pinata

Then I saw something else this morning: A heads-up by Tacitus in the game that the Anywhere dimension’s item limit is going to be increased soon, but that the cost to increase the limit will also go up. However, if you increase the item limit now, you will get the new higher limit for free once the change has been made. So I spent the rest of the platinum and am now left with almost nothing. *sigh* I just hope there won’t be any other expensive temptations any time soon while I’ll try to save my platinum again and turn all the items in my bags into money!

On the other hand, this little companion was definitely worth all the platinum! The screenshot above shows the artifact pinata dimension items in the 6 different colours. The companion, Little Shiny, looks like these, but it changes its colour.

(This post is part of Blaugust 2016.)

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