Trion’s Content Creator Program

Trion Worlds recently announced their Content Creator Program inviting the players with livestreams, fansites etc. to apply for it. Since I’ve been a fan and player of most of their games (with the exception of ArcheAge and Devilian), I applied. I didn’t think our blog would actually be accepted, but it was! :D

Rift has been with us since the first day of this blog and it is currently the main MMORPG I’m playing. I have not been playing much Trove lately, but I still think it’s a great game! I play Defiance a bit once in a while. While I love Atlas Reactor, I am basically waiting for it to get out of beta or out of the “we will wipe”-phase, because I don’t want to lose my progress. So in other words, I seem to like all the games that Trion Worlds develop, but not the games that they merely publish here in the West. :p

Rift Racing Snail mount and Radar Corgi companion

When it comes to the content being posted here in our blog, nothing will change, though, except for one thing: We will be getting codes for Rift every now and then as this is my main Trion game. So if you play Rift as well, you may want to keep an eye on our blog for giveaways. They will be easy to spot, as the subject line will always include the word “giveaway”. ;)

But the actual content will not change. I would never join such a program if it came with any strings attached like “please only write that you love our game no matter what you really think!”. And thankfully, Trion isn’t such a company that would do something like this. They instead ask us to follow the Golden Rule of “Be Nice”. :p Reasonable enough, I think.

Oh, if you are still reading this and got excited when you saw the word “giveaway” and/or the screenshot above, then you will want to come back here in a bit. I am in the process of preparing a big giveaway for all the codes we received. And yes, there are a couple of codes for the corgi pet and the snail mount!