Rift Housing: Stone Grove

My newest housing project is “Stone Grove”. I want to build a house up in the trees. I guess I’ll also have to plant a few more trees, as the ones existing in the dimension only look strong on the ground, but get too thin up there.

Anyway, it is currently a mess and I don’t really know how exactly to make it look good and solid and believable. What you can see in the screenshot is not what I want it to look like in the end, of course. I just figured I’d start with a platform in the sky and work my way downwards. So I needed some structures that let me walk up there comfortably. But the platform doesn’t look good either, especially as there are no trees to support the platform anymore that high up. Come to think of it, maybe I should just build everything a bit lower. :p

So, since I felt a bit lost, I went out into the world to see how the Rift designers made structures similar to what I imagine. I could also go have a look at what other dimensioneers are doing, but I always feel a bit like “stealing” their ideas. When I look at what Trion does and how they design the world, I am just adjusting my dimension to the “Rift look”. It feels different. Either way, I did get a few ideas, but soon noticed that everything I like actually has water below or close to it. But for once, I do not want to build my little oasis by the ocean. I still like the look of those structures, though. Below you can see Kelari Refuge on the left and a part of Fort Zarnost on Ember Isle on the right. I actually really adore the look of Ember Isle. Sadly, it seems like a neglected zone since it was added as a sort of “end game” zone for level 50s, but max. level is 65 now.

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