Summer Sale 2016 – Part 2

And then there were four new games. In my defense, I only bought one of those and got the other one from a friend. :)

The first is Democracy 3. I had it on my wishlist for quite some time already and then decided that I really want it. Now. Not during the next sale. Yes, it was a spontaneous buy, but it was also below 10 €, at least. My first reaction after starting the game was something like: What is this? – Blue, red, white buttons. Red lines, green lines. It’s all so confusing (see screenshot below :p). Or, as bookahnerk said with a grin on his face: Have fun governing your country!

Democracy 3 Main Screen

I did slowly get into the game after playing for an hour or two (or more? I did not check the clock). The one thing I can say is annoying is that there is a strong bias for US American politics. That is, not in which policies you can activate. But here is one example: Even though I chose Germany as my country, there are only two parties in the election. Our system has much more than just two parties. I know that I should not expect one game to follow all countries’ political systems, but it is a bit strange nonetheless. I guess I am just too used to our political system.

Most of what you see above is the game. Policies that are active, consequences that need your attention (red), and the factions of your country in the middle. You get “power” every turn (seen as the fist on the upper left) and every action you make costs some of that power. Your cabinet determines how much power you get every quarter. And you can also hire and fire new members for your cabinet. I like “slow” turn-based games like this one once in a while. Especially when watching a TV series or a film at the same time. Or after a stressful day at work when I want to play, but cannot concentrate too much anymore.

The other game that I added to my library is Windward. I know I had it on my wishlist once, but I don’t think I still had it there when said friend gave it to me. She had bought a 4-pack for herself and another friend. Then she gave one copy to me and the 4th to bookahnerk. I have not played this much yet, but what I saw was really very good! I have yet to test the multiplayer. Then again, maybe I should first learn how to play before thinking about that. :p What I find difficult is moving your ship so you can fire your cannons. And I admit, I never paid attention to ships and how they are built. I actually had to ask bookahnerk: “The game says my cannons can’t reach the target. Are my cannons on the front or on the side?” – Yes, you may laugh now. Thinking about it and how a ship looks, I know they are usually on the side. But in the middle of the battle against pirates, I didn’t!


So as you can guess, there is still a lot to learn for me. But hey, at least I found how to customize your fleet’s look. I am not a fan of pink/rose at all, actually. But when I started playing the game Warlock, I somehow ended up with pink as my colour and this has sticked with me ever since. I once tried to play with a different colour and had a hard time finding my towns on the map. :p So, whenever I can, I now use pink for myself. As I said, I have not done much yet, but I did destroy a few pirate ships, did my first trade, handed in a few quests and just strolled along the coastline – or whatever you do with a ship. :p With this very limited bit of experience, I would still recommend the game. It’s only 4 €, after all. That’s two cups of espresso.

Thankfully, the Steam sale is ending in a few days. My wallet will be safe again! Though I also have to say that I really like that Steam got rid of its flash sales and extra daily deals. Now there is no “stress” anymore to try to get the best of the best of the sales. You can just ponder and mull over your wishlist’s games for a couple of weeks and calmly decide which games you actually want.

3 thoughts on “Summer Sale 2016 – Part 2

  1. Rakuno says:

    I was just thinking but I don’t think the developers of Democracy 3 have to know how many parties every country in the world have to be better in that aspect. They could add a custom option that lets you to choose the name of parties you want in your current game. Then it can just generate some random names for those parties as to not get associated with any current political issue. Kinda like Civilization has an option where we can decide how many civilizations we want and other randomizing factor.

    I am also glad that there are no flash sales anymore. This way I don’t have to think “Hm. Do I buy this game I really want now at this discount or do I wait and hope for a deeper discount?”


    • paeroka says:

      Another idea would be to let the player choose how many parties you want. Maybe as an expansion with coalitions you need to form. :p

      “…or do I wait for a flash sale, which happens while I am at work/asleep and then completely forget about the sales until the sale is over.” :p


      • Rakuno says:

        Yes, the number of parties you want is what I meant. Not names. Sorry for the typo and the confusion. My brain was somewhere else as it often is.

        And yes, that is another issue with those flash sales!


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