How bad is the Steam Summer Sale?

For your wallet, of course. :p

I only bought three items: Remember Me and the Ascended Souls for Rift twice. The latter for me and for bookahnerk.

After that, we created new characters to level together. He is playing a mage with the Frostkeeper soul which is a healer. I decided to level a cleric as Runeshaper which is a magic damage dealer… it plays a bit like a fire mage. We both have a mage and a cleric respectively, but the builds in Rift can be quite confusing (for players like us who don’t play regularly, at least), so we thought it’d make sense to start fresh with two low level characters and play them through dungeons to get to know the builds step by step. Only that we found that sometimes, the dungeon queue pops faster when I queue as support instead of damage dealer. In Rift, dungeons can be played with 5 players: Two damage dealers, one tank, one support and one healer. So, I switched to the cleric’s support soul, the Oracle, instead. I never thought I would like that soul, because when I first read about it, it sounded very boring. It’s definitely not and I actually quite enjoy shielding my fellow party members. If only the low level dungeons weren’t as easy as they are. But we hope that this will change later on when we get to higher levels (or veteran dungeons).

Rift Eth Mage and Cleric

Remember Me is the “spiritual predecessor” to Life is Strange from the same company – or at least, I am calling it like that. It is similar, yet very different at the same time. The combat especially – most of all, there is no combat in Life is Strange. :p But on top of that, I also find it tedious in Remember Me and would prefer if the game did not have any combat. As far as I noticed so far, it’s “click, click, click” at the same pace. You can choose whether the second click in this sequence deals damage or heals and you can choose what kind of combat animation the character does. There are different sequences that you can use, but it seems to be this pattern all the time. But there is dodging as well and so far, my “damage-heal-damage” sequence, while kind of boring to click, seems to work perfectly. And the rest of the game is quite good so far, especially the story sounds intriguing and the atmosphere is really nice, so I do not regret the purchase.

Remember Me

Other than that, I have actually kept my wallet closed. There are games I am interested in, but I currently do have a few other games that I actually want to play. So, those games will stay on my wishlist until Winter sale, I guess. ;)

2 thoughts on “How bad is the Steam Summer Sale?

  1. Rakuno says:

    I didn’t buyt much during this Steam Summer Sale either. Just one game as a birthday gift to my brother and some DLCs for a couple games I kept forgetting about. There were other games I had my eye on but the discount wasn’t great enough to entice me and I am trying to lower the backlog before I go buying more games.

    As for Remember Me, I always heard the game had some good potential but it was flawed in terms of gameplay. I never heard about exactly what was flawed about it but from your description I guess people were talking about the combat, which does sound very boring. A shame that because the concept of the game does sound pretty good.


    • paeroka says:

      I’ve only played the game for two hours, so my opinion isn’t too in-depth yet. But yeah, combat is boring. The whole UI screams of “console!”. But I know I will keep playing it – well, once my finger joints stopped acting up (again… -.-).

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